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Jack Sarat’s 50-plus years in business have taught him not to forget the young.

This year is no exception. The main Sarat Ford Lincoln dealer in Agawam, with Ford dealerships in Northampton and Enfield, donated $5,000 to the Toy for Joy campaign that will make Christmas fun for children in need throughout Hampden, Hampshire and Franklin counties.

Not only did this year’s contribution continue the Sarat Ford tradition, it doubled the company’s generous donation total in 2021.

“Christmas is a special time of the year. Businesses that had a good year need to be brought back, and we believe in that and encourage that,” said Sarat. “People need help. You see all around, oil prices are rising and families are fighting to survive. This season is all about family and being together.”

The tradition of giving those dates back decades ago with Toy for Joy also continues with inmates at Hampden County correctional centers. Decades in the making, the centennial Toy for Joy effort received a $5,000 donation from the Hampden County Inmates’ Commissary Fund. Hampden County Sheriff Nicholas Cocchi, a community partner, helped ensure the tradition established years ago by retired Sheriff Michael J. Ashe Jr. continues.

“We are proud to make this donation from the inmate commissary fund as part of our partnership with the Toy for Joy campaign,” said Cocchi. “There are too many families out there struggling to make ends meet, and it gets more difficult during the year. Toy for Joy directly helps those families and brings smiles to children’s faces. And that’s what the holiday is all about – helping people.”

“The gift from the incarcerated men and women is especially meaningful,” the sheriff said. “They’re helping a fund that has an impact across the region but it’s likely that some of their children are also among the recipients.”

For Sarat, like Cocchi, it is the joy for the families that he has in mind in making the contribution.

“It’s a wonderful time of the year, and an important one too. Hopefully, we can help make Christmas a little happier for some kids and families,” Sarat said.

Jack Sarat

Jack Sarat, of Sarat Ford in Agawam, is a supporter of the Toy for Joy campaign. For this year’s centennial campaign, he doubled his family’s contribution to $5,000.

Sarat’s three sons are now grown and have taken on leadership roles in the company. Their father knew that other families were not as fortunate as his.

“I’m second generation (in the business). My family is in the third generation,” said Sarat, whose business has been serving the area for 93 years. “We encourage businesses to help families, and we’re happy to do that.”

As Toy for Joy’s historic 100th year approaches the Christmas Eve deadline, $58,653 is still needed to reach the $150,000 goal.

Toy for Joy is a collaborative effort of the Salvation Army with The Republican, El Pueblo Latino and MassLive, along with media partners Reminders Publishing and The Westfield News. Salvation Army units in Springfield, Holyoke and Greenfield are distributing toys and books to families in Hampden, Hampshire and Franklin counties. Toy for Joy serves children ages 16 and younger.

The coupon published with this story can be used to submit a contribution by mail to The Republican, 1860 Main St., Springfield, MA 01103. Donors can also make online contributions through #!/donation/checkout

Here are the last of the recent contributions:

Happy holidays from the Hampden County Jail Inmates Commissary Fund $5,000

Happy holidays from Sarat Ford Lincoln, Agawam $5,000

In memory of Bernie and Ernie Cardin $50

In loving memory of deceased Buckley and Hyland family members from Jim and Sue $100

Love always wins $40

Merry Christmas from Ashley Krat $30

From our grandchildren Nick, Tyler, Payton, Brandon, Alec, Brittany and Ryan $25

In memory of Shawn, Tina, Julie and John $50

Anonymous $30

In memory of the love of my life, Bob XO $250

In memory of the Horacek and Hopkins families $250

In memory of my husband “Ty” who loved Christmas. I missed $25

Anonymous $10

From Mom and Dad Farland, Mom and Dad Foard, Pat Foard $400

Merry Christmas from our 13 grandchildren $100

Merry Christmas from Girouards $100

For children from The Seniors of Club $200

The best wife, Betty Lou from Howard $25

Merry Christmas from cousins ​​Nick, Lauren, Christopher, Anthony and Grace $25

This is paid with love from Joey and Bobby for $100

Sarah $25

In loving memory of Craig who made life special $75

In memory of Lori J., animal lover and hair stylist $20

In memory of William Powers $25

Happy holidays from Nicole Pierce $100

Merry Christmas to all the kids from Richard, Button and Tiger $25

In loving memory of Sam and Caroline Gledhill $10

In loving memory of Mary Stilwell, Barbara Neory and Louise Beachell. Good friends are precious gifts $10

In loving memory of Michael J. Lynch Chailleantu $10

In loving memory of Michael J. Quinlivan $10

For all the kids, especially Darrien. Love, DA $10

Merry Christmas from Robert $50

Merry Christmas and God bless the $20

In memory of John J. DeFilipi $100

In loving memory of Robert Simpson and Joan Gurtin $50

Merry Christmas from M & R Transportation $200

In loving memory of my husband John and my parents Ruth and Bud Pederzoli from Gail $50

In memory of Helen and Raymond Provost from Mark $100

In memory of my father, the big man from Ballydavid, and my mother, the lady from Moorstown $10

Happy 100th! Here’s to the next 100 years, from Deb $100

In memory of Harold (Drahma) Dukes. Miss you, Russell $25

In loving memory of Vincent who loved Christmas and children from Claire $20

In honor of my wife Jane from her 10 grandchildren from the Heaps family $500

Linda and Andrew $100

Tom $35

Received $13,490

Total to date $91,347

$58,653 is still needed

2020 Toy for Joy coupon

Contributions can be mailed with this coupon to The Republican, 1860 Main St., Springfield, MA, 01103.


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