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While Don Yenko is a Chevy guy, this render of a Yenko edition Mustang seems perfect for muscle car supremacy in the late 1960s

In the battle of American sports cars, the Chevrolet Camaro and Ford The Mustang has been a rival for decades. Over the years, eye-catching special editions of both cars have caught the attention of gearheads looking for both power and speed.

A notable example is the Yenko edition Chevrolet Camaro, where the Sports Car got its name after racecar driver Don Yenko. In a render that envisions equal treatment for the Camaro’s rival, the Ford Mustang, designer @jlord8 has created the Yenko Mustang, which provides classic pony car its own version of Yenko. Given the Yenko Camaro’s storied history, it’s an entertaining scenario to imagine identical versions of both cars.

The Yenko Ford Mustang arrives

The green Mustang used for the image includes the same racing stripes found on the Yenko Camaro as well as badging that uses Yenko’s name. Emblems designating both the engine and the Yenko logo are also present on the Mustang, staying true to the styling from the Yenko Camaro. The post contains one photo so there are no shots under the hood or other angles of the car but given the styling details, it’s safe to assume that other elements of the modified car will follow closely behind the Camaro.

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When the Camaro first made its debut, Chevrolet did not offer the Camaro with an engine larger than the 6.6-liter V8. This limitation put the Camaro at a disadvantage to crosstown rivals including the Ford Mustang and Plymouth Barracuda as neither Ford nor Plymouth had such limitations. Don Yenko, familiar with Chevrolet cars and an experienced driver of them, knew there was a need for a more powerful version of the Camaro and found ways around the ceiling GM had placed on power for the car.

A More Powerful Chevrolet Camaro

Blue 1969 Chevrolet Yenko Camaro in the rear
by: Bring a Trailer

Production of the Yenko Camaro began in 1967 and ran through 1969 in limited numbers. Don Yenko started with stock Camaros from Chevy with the 427 engine, which made 425 horsepower. Adding a pair of headers and a freer-flowing exhaust, Yenko increased the 427 engine’s power and torque to 450 horsepower and 460 lb-ft of torque. Changes also include a custom ducted hood, two exhaust systems, more cooling capacity, and a revised suspension.

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From a cosmetic standpoint, Yenko applied two white racing stripes to the inverted hood scoop of the Camaro hood. Additionally, he placed a “sYc” decal, short for “Yenko Super Car,” on the front of the hood with Yenko/SC printed on the thicker side of the thin white pinstripe running down the side of the Camaro and grows thicker in the rear quarter panel, similar to @jlord8’s render.

While Ford may not have restricted the power in the Mustang in the same way that Chevrolet did, a more powerful Yenko Mustang still felt like an appropriate addition to the muscle car profusion of the late 1960s.


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