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Nike and Netflix are coming up with a bundle for your home workout

Not only is Netflix a pioneer in the VOD space but that’s why we’re spoiled by so many streaming options. But the streaming of movies and TV series is not enough for the company, which is why the game started to attract the attention of mobile players who are working in a growing market segment. But Netflix does not stop there – it has teamed up with Nike to attract fans to its platform with training courses available for its subscribers.


The streaming giant is not the first player in the digital fitness room, which has increased rapidly during the pandemic when everyone is stuck in their homes. Google Fitbit and Apple Fitness offer training sessions as a paid service under their paid plans — and there are plenty of third-party options. With these video tutorials, you can choose your level and the type of lessons you want.

Video content from the Nike Training Club — Nike’s own fitness center for leadership sessions — will be added to Netflix later this year (via TechCrunch). Netflix understands that each program will take care of health levels and different interests and will be divided into several categories. The first batch coming out on December 30th will include 46 episodes for a total of 30 hours of content. Here’s the full list of apps Netflix has to offer:

  1. Kickstart Fitness with the Basics (13 episodes)
  2. Two Weeks to a Stronger Core (7 units)
  3. Fall in Love with Vinyasa Yoga (6 parts)
  4. HIT and Strength with Tara (14 episodes)
  5. Feel-Good Fitness (6 episodes)

The second of these episodes from the Nike Training Club will land on Netflix sometime in 2023, so your fitness journey will be sorted for next year with help from Netflix. And these episodes will be available in multiple languages ​​and across all Netflix subscriptions.


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