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Tower defense games were one of the first successful games on mobile phones, as they were easy to play, connect, and connect.

While mobile gaming has come a long way since those early days, the tower block style is as popular as ever—just like any other style that shines and fades quickly.

Part of that is due to the way it evolves over time. Today’s tower defense games are nothing like the ones you remember from years past. The game is more challenging and fulfilling.

Here are the best mobile tower defense games to play right now, mixed with classics and fun twists, some free and some paid.

10. Arknights (Free)

If you’re looking for evidence of how many mobile games have evolved from tower defense games of old, look no further. Arknights.

There are many traditional tower defense games here, but wrapped in a game full of gacha mechanics.

Because these types of games want to keep you playing, there are new things to keep you playing. The game starts out easy, but it can get difficult quickly!

9. Plants vs. Zombies (Free)

Plants vs. Zombies It is, without a doubt, among the most played mobile games of all time—certainly if you only look at the games on this list.

This game started in 2009, but you can see new versions available to play today, with sequels and spin-offs, showing the popularity of this franchise over the years.

Although the tower defense game gets more difficult as the game goes on – the puzzle almost starts – the good decoration and simple mechanics make it easy for people to get into it.

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8. Defenders 2: Tower Defense CCG (Free)

As you can see from the name, Defenders 2: Tower Defense CCG is a mashup of two genres: tower defense and collectible card games.

On paper, it makes a lot of sense. After all, these are two of the most popular mobile game genres of all time—there’s certainly a lot of good to be had by combining them into one package.

That said, though Defenders 2: Tower Defense CCG The game is free to play, but it suffers from one of the same problems that many CCG games have: the microtransactions can sometimes be small.

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7. Infinity 2 (Free)

Most of today’s best cell phone tower defense games have some kind of twist that helps them stand out from the competition.

In the case of Infinity 2, one of its features is the ability to create your own maps and share them with other players! There is a lot of variety and replayability because of this.

That comes with a trade-off, of course. The true picture of Infinity 2 lower than other mobile games. But for me, that trade-off is worth it.

6. Hope Hope TD (Free)

Deputy Deputy TD It’s not the first tower defense game where you fight hordes of zombies, and it certainly won’t be the last!

It doesn’t come across as a fun game, however, it’s free to play and has over 100 levels of zombie fighting action.

Here you can choose from different types of soldiers, each with their own skills and abilities, while fighting more than 50 different types of enemies.

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5. The Sea of ​​Iron (Paid)

Iron Sailor from Ironhide Game Studio, which is best known for Government Wash series, one of the most popular tower defense series.

While this game maintains the same beauty and color, the atmosphere is more complex than the Government Wash game.

This game sees you defending against invaders. What I like best is that these aliens are tough, but they don’t go out of place. Zim attacks tower defense game.

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4. 2112TD: Tower Life (Paid)

If you’re looking for a point guard game where you need to think twice about upgrading your various units, 2112TD: Life of the Tower It’s a good game to try.

It doesn’t sacrifice tower defense gameplay for other players – building your own defenses is just as important as placing them in the right places.

Like Iron Sailor, this game takes place during the attack. The way it’s handled here leads to dangerous situations in a way that tower defense games can’t pull off.

3. Think (Free)

Thinking A combination of two main genres: the first is a tower defense game, but the second is a construction and management game with things like nice or otherwise Factory.

Introducing construction and factory management, this is a challenging game – one that will overwhelm you with its many options or take over your life for weeks to come. from

Although the features are small and simple, it doesn’t matter as long as you’re not here for the photos. You’re here for deep gameplay and a constant stream of content from the developer.

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2. Kingdom Rush Frontiers TD (Paid)

of the Government Wash The series is highly recommended even those who don’t play tower defense games have played this series!

There are many different games to choose from if you want to dive into the Government Wash franchise, but I recommend it Government Rush Frontiers if you haven’t played a single game.

You start with several large towers, which you can develop in different directions, with many unique paths for each type.

Government Rush Frontiers It’s fast enough to kill five minutes, but it’s so versatile that you can spend the whole weekend with it.

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1. Bloons TD 6 (Paid)

of the Bloons The series is perhaps the greatest tower defense series of all time. It started as a simple Flash game in 2007 and has grown into a series loved by millions around the world.

Bloons TD 6 It is the latest game in the series, which was released in 2018. It is a few years old at the time of this writing, but the game has come a long way because it has seen new things since its debut. .

of the Bloons The series takes a simple approach to tower defense—the whole thing revolves around popping balloons—but that doesn’t mean the game doesn’t offer a great challenge, especially in the later levels.

If you’re looking for a good mobile game to keep you going for months, it doesn’t get any better than Bloons TD 6.

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