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New features are added to the comparisons


Microsoft announced a series of new features for Excel online, including “Formula Suggestions” and “Formula by Example.” The first is self-explanatory: a flat tool that automatically displays a style that fits the bill. Comments appear when you type the equal sign (=) inside a cell. The feature displays contextual information about a group of data in the same row or column. For example, if it sees a column named “Total” next to other columns that contain numbers, it can specify a formula that sums all the numbers in those cells. . Other models supported include average, count, count, min, and max. Currently, this feature only supports English.

Formula by Example may be familiar if you’ve used Excel’s Flash Fill function before. As in the following example, Formula by Example automatically fills a range of cells when it finds a formula. It is good if you do manual data entry and recovery because it will save you time from re-entering the same form in multiple cells. This new version is shown in the video below.

Also, there is a nice feature that tells you when a link to a cloud workbook is broken and fixes it by pointing to a new location. Microsoft has also added a search box on the search page to make it easier to find your questions. Finally, there is a new function for inserting images from an original location into a specific cell, complete with alt-text.

These features are part of the December 2022 update of Excel, which includes improvements for Windows and macOS versions. The web version of Excel is free, so you can try it if you want to switch from Google Workspace.


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