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Helen Mirren says it was a very different scene when she first worked with Harrison Ford in 1986.

The two actors star in the latest entry in the “Yellowstone” franchise, “1923” together, but previously starred together in the film “The Mosquito Coast”.

Speaking to The Timesthe actress reflected on how different their working relationship was over the years.

“The relationship was obviously very, very different then because Harrison was a huge movie star and I was a theater actor outside of London and nobody had heard of me,” she recalled, via People.

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Years later, with an Oscar under her belt and an extensive filmography, it’s safe to say people have heard of Mirren by now.

“Now, our relationship is very different because I’ve caught up with him a little bit,” she reflected. “Well, I can’t quite catch up with him but I’m a little closer than I was.”

Ford was asked if she thought her co-star was still “afraid” of her, but she answered easily, “No, I think she’s done.”

In fact, he only had praise for her, praising her desire.

“She’s not precious at all – a member of the acting troupe,” he added. “He threw himself into everything without any hesitation.”

It’s not just the actress who has changed since their first team-up, however, as Mirren believes the years have changed the “Indiana Jones” actor as well.

“He has the carapace that is important for people who reach the level of famous stars,” he said. “Too full-on, you have to build a kind of defensive armor. He was always lovable to children; adults, not so much.”

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He also praised his co-star for not being “precious” either, praising his professionalism.

“It’s rather British really – don’t make a fuss, just get on with it,” he told the outlet. “He is not missing from his trailer, the set is not waiting for him. I think he loves the whole filmmaking business.”

New episodes of “1923” drop every Sunday on Paramount+.


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