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Here’s what Google will kill in 2022

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Google is notorious for killing charity projects. We have Google Reader to thank for this popularity, which was the favorite of RSS feed readers in recent years until it was killed by the company. Google continued with the completion of other charity projects, such as its client Gmail Inbox or its social network Google Plus, which gathered a small but stable audience after years. In 2022, the company continues it, killing a group of popular and not popular services, like last year.


You might think that Stadia is at the top of this list, but technically, the service is still alive until January 18, 2023. to get new games, but you can enjoy some new rounds with games you have.

With this out of the way, please take a look at the list we’ve compiled, or head over to the famous Killed by Google website to give you a complete overview of the 280 services it has listed. killed over the life of No direct translation.

December 31: YouTube Originals


YouTube Originals is the last Google project to be killed in 2022. It may not affect you much your YouTube experience, since YouTube Originals is a studio that is expected to take on the Netflix title, which was created in 2016. However, the original product did not really catch on with YouTubers, and it did not help most of the shows behind the YouTube Premium paywall before it really took hold. YouTube Originals have been on live support for a long time and are partially sold to competitors. And in 2022, they were released from their misery.

December 19: Threadit


You may not have heard of Threadit, Google’s short asynchronous video sharing service. The Area 120 project was created with remote work when everyone switched to working from home during the pandemic, and it tried to combine the advantages of video conferencing and message to one. Before setting up appointments, colleagues can simply send each other video clips and respond whenever they get them. After the closing, the Area 120 team is transitioning after the service to the Google Meet team.

December 1: Duplex on the Internet


Don’t worry – Google Assistant’s regular Duplex service isn’t going away. You can ask Google Assistant to make an appointment for you instead of calling places yourself. Web-only Duplex is sunsetting in 2022. The reason is clear: Duplex on the Web is just an elegant version of Google Chrome’s autofill options, which allows you to write tickets and save done in small places with dedication. Google Assistant interface and process.

November 30: Hangouts


You’d be forgiven for thinking Hangouts was long dead, but the email and video chat service has been alive for a while. The service is the predecessor to Google Chat and Meet, and is coming out before these two see the light of day. It was supposed to be replaced by Allo and Duo, services that both survived as zombies. A year before its 10th anniversary, Google Hangouts will be completely retired on November 30, 2022, and will be replaced by Google Chat.

We can only imagine where Google would be today if it had connected to Hangouts and made it the ideal communication service it always thought it would be. It will not fight with Apple over the RCS comparison, the latest technology that Google has decided to win.

November 1: Google Surveys


Business Talk: Google Surveys is a business-oriented Google product that allows businesses to run market research. Some of these surveys are used to be displayed on the Google Rewards app, according to Google, which exists. However, companies should look elsewhere to do their market research in the future.

August 9: YouTube Go


Android Go is Google’s low-end version for entry-level phones. The company also offers some special programs for it that are supposed to take less resources, and YouTube Go is one of them. However, Google is slowly moving away from this path and wants to reduce its large programs to power-hungry and easy to low-cost devices. That’s why YouTube Go is going the way of the dodo. It is replaced by the full YouTube app.

July 31: The Google My Business app


The Google My Business app is a handy tool for store and business owners to manage their data on Google services. However, Google has decided that Google Maps and Google Search are just as good as a central place to manage things, and so the company is turning business owners to Maps and Search. to update their opening hours, contact information, and more.

June 30: Chrome apps


Before web apps were as powerful as they are now, Google offered Chrome apps. These are services like extensions that have other capabilities compared to websites, such as offline capabilities. Over time, custom websites became more popular and had more features than Chrome apps, so Google decided it was time to end Chrome apps in 2022. .

June 21: Android Auto for smartphones


When Android Auto first launched in 2014, it was only available on select cars with the right head units. In 2016, Google brought this driver monitoring screen to Android phones, which allows drivers to stay focused while using their phone for driving, audio entertainment, and more. However, the company quickly realized that this was a stopgap solution, and after suffering many years of keeping the service around half dead, it was completely closed in 2022. It’s still there. Driving directions are back, with Google integrating it into its Maps service.

June 1: Duo


Duo is not dead, because it lives on in Google Meet. You can use the Google Meet app or the website to call your friends and family, with the same results and end-to-end appeal you’ve seen from Meet. In that sense, Duo is more connected to Meet than it is closed. It’s one of the better changes, with Google taking its time to change the app icon on your home page and explaining the change within the app. With Google often offering the same product with a different brand, this change makes sense.

April 13: Google Snapshot Help


Do you remember Google Now? In recent years, when you pull up the Help, you will get a large amount of helpful information by checking, such as the weather, the current driving conditions, the view affiliate marketing, and more. Google ended this helpful but non-monetary service for the Discover feed, and it hasn’t fully returned since. The closest thing we’ve got is the Google Assistant Snapshot, but it’s hard to see and apparently not enough people. Therefore, it is not currently, and it will be closed in April 2022.

February 17: Cameos on Google


Did you know that famous people can send video messages to Google Search in order to answer frequently asked questions about themselves? Well, they can’t do it anymore. Google Cameos is supposed to give you a personalized search experience when you watch your favorite stars, but celebrities and users aren’t very fond of the service. Therefore, Google has abandoned Cameos in February 2022.

Stadia will be leaving in January 2023

As we said before, Google has announced that it will close its game streaming service Stadia at the beginning of 2023, which will be a big cut for the company. Stay tuned for our coverage of it early next year, and we’ll be back with another Google graveyard event next year around this time.


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