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Sports Story, a role-playing RPG for the Nintendo Switch that made its long-awaited debut last week, will arrive on the eShop for Nintendo Switch owners on December 23. Just in time for Christmas. The game is now available on the eShop for the low price of $14.99. If you received Nintendo eShop gift cards during the holidays, you have a new way to spend them now.

At first, Sports Story was supposed to be released in 2020. The game was delayed, however, due to the desire of the developers to ensure that everyone involved in the game. Before its planned release date of 2020, Sidebar Games said it wanted to take another chance to make the game. It has become “very popular,” and no example will be left. And after two years of waiting, it appears that many players are looking forward to it.

Sports Story for Nintendo Switch isn’t just about sports, it’s a whole sports adventure

So what is the whole sport you ask? Well, for starters you’re not just playing sports in this game. Despite that being the main theme, you can “explore dungeons and abandoned places.” And if that’s not enough, there are also a few games you can play.

The sports series features a variety of sports that players can participate in. From golf to BMX to fishing. Although some sports must first be opened through play. And if the players are satisfied after a good sports season, they can hang out in the store with friends. From the trailer alone, the players have a lot to do.

So if your into RPG games then this is a great one to play. The game is available in digital format only, so you’ll need to grab it from the eShop if you’re looking to try this out.


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