NFL Sunday Ticket is coming to YouTube TV & YouTube Primetime Channels in 2023 | Daily News Byte


Now, Google has bought the rights to NFL Sunday Ticket, and it will be available on YouTube TV and YouTube Primetime channel starting in 2023.

This is the first time that NFL Sunday Ticket has not been available on DIRECTV, as it has had the package since its inception in 1994. Although this is permanent, as DIRECTV is not participating in attempts to save the NFL Sunday Ticket. on his platform.

Apparently, this deal will run for about 7 years, so we will talk about this again for the 2030 season. It is said that Google will pay about $2 billion to the NFL for the Ticket Sunday, every season. That’s up from the $1.5 billion DIRECTV pays each season. The NFL is still working on a deal for commercial rights for bars and restaurants, a deal that could be worth about $200 million per season, and DIRECTV wants those rights. .

Customers can subscribe to the Sunday Ticket in a unique way

Since Google is making NFL Sunday Ticket available on YouTube TV and YouTube Primetime channels, you can subscribe to NFL Sunday Ticket on a separate channel, through Primetime channels. That’s good news, as now you have to pay more for DIRECTV then more for the Sunday Ticket. And it may be the same for YouTube TV.

Google has not announced how much the Sunday Ticket will cost. We probably won’t see that until next summer, as we’re getting closer to the start of the new season. However, it should be noted that the contract requirements with FOX and CBS – the channels that broadcast the games – must be set at a “premium” price. Currently, a season of NFL Sunday Ticket costs $294 from DIRECTV. With the price going up for the car, we wouldn’t be surprised to see this close to $350 for next season.

The NFL also said they plan to roll out some new features and functionality for Sunday Ticket, but it’s expected to be announced closer to the 2023 season.


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