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The Fast N’ Loud Ford GT is one of Richard Rawlings and Gas Monkey Garage’s favorite builds. However, it hasn’t had the happiest post-Gas Monkey life.

When it comes to wild car builds and amazing engines, Richard Rawlings and his Gas Monkey Garage the team can do it best. The Gas Monkey Garage team has created many incredible builds over the years. From the iconic Midas Monkey Hot Wheels Corvette, to the striking Chevrolet Fleetline. The Gas Monkey Garage team basically nails it. However, sometimes, things don’t go well for their builds after all.

That’s exactly what happened to Ford GT made by the team on the show, Fast N’ Loud. This is one of their most special builds and the team has put a lot of work, and money, into making this build top-notch. It’s a 2005 Ford GT, and one that looks sensational after they’ve completed their work. It was a Ford GT that was also destroyed before Rawlings and his team could get their hands on it. But after all the hard work put in by the team, they were instead disappointed when the car also went up for auction.

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The Story Behind the Fast N’ Loud Ford GT

Gas Monkey Garage Ford GT Side View
by Barrett-Jackson

The story behind this particular Ford GT is a truly fascinating one. The Gas Monkey Garage team went over the car top to bottom, to put it in the best condition possible after its restoration. The team of the day felt that they really excelled themselves in this build. And it has many great features. Penske work was also done on the car, and it also has a one-off air-ride system on the car. That is the detailed restoration.

The team also lowered the car to the ground, meaning the top of the car went from 40 inches to 37 inches. This is a simply incredible looking car and 100% one of the best builds the team has ever done. Rawlings never intended to sell the car, he loved it so much. Sadly though he had to sell the car. But when it went under the hammer at Barrett-Jackson, Rawlings and the team were left utterly despondent. At the time, Rawlings wanted about $500,000 for the car. It will cover all the tasks, and more, as the team spent $250,000 working on it.

An Auction That Was A Disaster

SEMA Ford GMGT by Gas Monkey Garage
by Barrett-Jackson

The car is probably worth more now thanks to inflation over the past few years. Plus the rarity of the Ford GT, and all the changes in the Gas Monkey Garage. Rawlings removed the auction reserve for the car, hoping it would get him all the money he needed. That shouldn’t happen. The car amazingly sold for just $230,000. So someone had a great bargain, but the sale didn’t even cover labor for Rawlings and his team. Not exactly the happiest of stories.

In terms of where the car went, the car was actually bought by someone who went to multiple Barrett-Jackson auctions. Then it went into a car trailer, and then it was taken to the North. That car then sat on its trailer, in a warehouse full of loads of other cars, and it hasn’t moved since. As you can imagine, Rawlings isn’t exactly happy about this. He has tried several times to get this car and bring it back to Dallas, Texas. But the owner didn’t budge. Which is quite frankly, quite strange.

It’s Not Nice To See A Great Build Locked As A Garage Queen

Gas Monkey Garage Ford GT Rear Quarter View
by Gas Monkey Garage

Of course, Rawlings can’t exactly control where his cars end up and don’t go when they’re at auction. However, hearing that the Ford GT is just sitting on a trailer gathering dust is pretty sad. Especially after the work Rawlings and the team put in. To us, it seems strange that people would buy exotic cars just to sit privately and not even use them in a limited way. But for many, these cars are just investments. It’s sad that people think like that.

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Will the Ford GT return to the Gas Monkey Garage?

Gas Monkey Garage Ford GT Front Quarter View
by Barrett-Jackson

Rawlings occasionally buys cars from their new owners. So maybe one day, he’ll be able to bring this Ford GT back to Gas Monkey Garage. Of all the cars Rawlings and the team have created, this one really deserves to be shown to as many people as possible. It’s pretty criminal that this car, after all that work, of course, is hiding as part of someone’s private hoard. We hope that this car will not be an infamous barn find, found for 30 years in a truly terrible state.

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