Lochmandy Ford Building New Home in Knox – WKVI Information Center | Daily News Byte


The Starke County Commissioners and Council heard about Lochmandy Ford wanting to build a new dealership in Knox during their meetings Monday.

The owner of Lochmandy Ford Dealership of Knox, Abbi Lochmandy was present at commissioner and council meetings this week to explain the future of Lochmandy Ford in Starke County.

Lochmandy said the company bought land on the south side of Knox across the street from Save A Lot. He said plans are being put together for a 15,700 square foot building on the lot and potentially much larger.

Currently, Lochmandy Ford in Knox has five bay service departments with 14 total employees. Lochmandy further said that the new building will have 15 service bays and it will also be necessary to hire 10 more full time technicians for the service department. He added that EV charging stations are also part of the plan. He said that citizens who own electric vehicles will have a place to charge 24/7.

Starke County Economic Development Foundation Executive Director Lisa Dan was also there to discuss it with commissioners and council members. He asked on Lochmandy’s behalf if there were any tax breaks or incentives the county could offer a business that wanted to upgrade a location and hire more employees.

Both commissioners and council members took the report under advisement. Lochmandy said they are now clearing the plot of land purchased just south of town.


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