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The Nintendo Switch Pro is the dream of Nintendo fans who want a powerful tracking system. It’s a machine that has taken the torch of success from the original Switch, while blazing its own trail with new, more powerful hardware to deliver enhanced performance and graphics power.

As it turns out, Nintendo actually had plans for a Switch Pro, but canceled them. According to Digital Foundry, who said in his latest DF Direct Weekly podcast that Nintendo is going in a different direction. Digital Foundry’s John Linneman said that after talking with other developers, Nintendo made a plan for a mid-term change. However, those plans are no longer working.

Nintendo will choose a Switch 2 instead of a Switch Pro

While most people who want a Switch Pro can now give up on those dreams, that doesn’t mean Nintendo isn’t ready for a replacement. It certainly seems like the company is moving forward with a Switch 2. A true next-gen successor to the current console. Although Linneman does not think that we will see this new console version in 2023, and it will not be called Switch 2.

Linneman also said that he believes that Nintendo is “very serious” about the transition from the current Switch to the next model. This makes sense, given Nintendo’s history with problematic transitions between consoles. As an obvious example, the Game Cube has a loyal fanbase. But it was not a successful console for Nintendo.

Then he moved to the Wii which was a huge success. This was followed by the Wii U, which did not do well. Which brings us to the present with the Switch and its great success. With all of that said, there’s no doubt that Nintendo is worried inside. Even if it’s just a little bit.

It has challenges to overcome in seeing the next generation of the Switch as a printer. Nintendo doesn’t need to make leaps and bounds of progress here. The current Switch is one of the best selling consoles. Even with the powerful PS5 and Xbox Series X out there. So the next-gen Switch should be a huge improvement in performance.

While Nintendo could avoid the pitfalls of new features like a wacky controller with a large touchscreen display, it should. A more powerful Switch with fewer new features and similar games, and Nintendo’s next Switch could have a promising run.


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