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Your grandfather did not keep his farm in the best condition in the past years, and after his death it was given to you to beat the nature and progress.

That’s the core of Stardew Valley, and it’s a good game as you can see, which helps explain why it’s been such a success.

But what other games out there come close to matching the Stardew Valley magic? Here are 11 that we think are worth checking out.

11 games like Stardew Valley

Island of Len

Programs: pc

Building, building, exploring and farming is the name of the game when you visit Len Island. This is one of the newest games on the list, and it has all the right ideas of Stardew Valley – while also adding some spookiness for good measure.

My turn at Portia

Programs: PC, PlayStation, Xbox, Switch, iOS, Android

Monsters roam the land in this post-apocalyptic world but don’t be afraid, it’s a game that everyone can enjoy. Of all the games on the list, My Time in Portia is the closest to feeling like Stardew Valley, and building your farm and growing your crops in this 3D game is tons of fun. There is also a sequel, My Time at Sandrock, due in 2022.

Lighting manager

Programs: PC, PlayStation, Xbox, Switch, Stadia, iOS and Android

Will is a small shopper and goes about his day like everyone else. When darkness falls, it’s a different story though, as he becomes an adventurer and explores places where no one else would. There’s a fun story with this one, and while it’s different from Stardew Valley, it feels like a natural game to try.

Apple feeder

Programs: PC, Mac, PlayStation, Xbox, Switch

Another farming game here but forget about growing things like turnips, here the only thing you can farm is slime! As slime as it gets, it’s a lot crazier than most of the other games on the list, and can be action-heavy at times! There is a sequel, Slime Rancher 2.


Programs: pc

Kynseed is the inspiration behind Fable, and it’s a farming sim with a story rooted in British mythology! There’s a lot to do here, and since you’ll be going through each generation as you play, there’s no end in sight.

Coral Ship

Programs: pc

Coral Island is located in the first entrance, which is the best time to jump in. The more people are playing, the better the game. “Live in the countryside, raise animals, build relationships with different people in town,” says the synopsis, and it’s a relaxing time for us!

More like this

History of the Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town

Programs: PC, Nintendo Switch

There’s a huge Stardew Valley similarity right off the bat here as you inherit your grandfather’s farm at the start of the game. Similar things have been coming since then, so this is a new title to fill in the Stardew that you may have been left behind.

Feeding Day

Programs: PC, Mac

There’s a story at work in Sun Haven, and there’s also a boss you’ll be up against. You can choose from seven different races to play as, Human, Demon, Elf, Angel, Elemental, Naga, and Amari, but don’t worry the same sim-like features you want for a Play like this and it counts. because.

It is: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles

Programs: PC, PlayStation, Xbox, Switch

First off, Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles is a great looking game, and it definitely gives off some real Zelda vibes. And with farming machines like sim, you will leave the search to collect supplies and magic items – although the system of day / night is better and that means it can be done some jobs at some times.

Garden Story

Programs: PC, Mac, Xbox, Switch

Concord is in the grape with his friends to protect the Grove from the Rot and stop their homes from being wiped off the map. So not only do you have to do all your farm work, but you’re also on a quest to save yourself and everyone you love from destruction – but this is still a great game to play. .

Animal: New Horizons

companion animals

Programs: Nintendo switch

Of all the games on this list, Animal Crossing is the one that needs no introduction for many. The Nintendo Switch name has really risen above the lock in 2020 and has become one of the biggest games of the year – and people are still waiting for it.

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