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Google’s fitness app syncing platform Health Connect could be part of the new Android release

Collecting data and health-related information from apps that track certain parameters or actions over time is a pain. The lack of standardization in data storage processes doesn’t help, but Google believes its new Health Connect app is the solution everyone needs. Beta testing for the app began in mid-November, but we haven’t seen download numbers skyrocket. That could change if Google integrates Health Connect with Android 14, and expectations are high.


Without Health Connect, fitness developers would have to build add-ons for every other app. Mobile, connected, and web-based tools are used for your health data collected by various devices. With Health Connect, you can, for example, use your cycling app to see SpO2 and heart rate data collected by the companion app for your wearable. Google already has more health and fitness apps supporting Health Connect, but not enough to make it mainstream — the app’s beta hasn’t reached a million downloads .

The newly released Android 13 QPR2 Beta 1 for Pixel phones includes a set of Health Connect stubs, indicating that Google is backing up its promise of working on the system when Android crashes. 14. Esper senior technical editor Mishaal Rahman believes that Google will develop a Project Mainline module for Health Connect, so it can store its data externally, while receiving updates through Google Play System updates instead of Android system OTAs.

A firm timeline for Health Connect pre-loaded on Pixel phones cannot be found at this time, due to the lack of a publicly available source code or Mainline database with telltale signs. However, Rahman says code changes documented in the AOSP Gerrit suggest that Health Connect will become an Android 14 system service, allowing it to be a pre-installed app on more than just Pixel phones. . The performance of the implementation may differ from the current beta, and the app may play a different group name, but Google’s intention is clear, we do not complain.


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