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Hollywood Homicide is not one of Harrison Ford’s most memorable films. The legendary actor established a respected reputation for roles in George Lucas franchises Star Wars and Indiana Jones.

He is also known for his work on Blade Runner, The fugitive, Air Force One and witnessfor which he won the Academy Award for “Best Actor” in 1986. But like any other stellar actor, Ford was also involved in some films that did not turn out well.


For example, his action adventure film Six Days, Seven Nights was criticized as “forgettable” and “cobbled together from spare parts,” but also a huge pay gap existed between him and his main co-star, Anne Heche. Some of Ford’s other films include what could be considered a bit hit-and-miss Paranoia, Random Hearts and Heroes.

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Hollywood Homicide would fit into this latter category, as it fell flat both critically and commercially. But being one of Ford’s few unsuccessful films is not the only reason why the action comedy film is still talked about today.

The actor featured in the flick alongside Josh Hartnett, and they reportedly struggled to get along.

What Roles Did Harrison Ford and Josh Hartnett Play in Hollywood Homicide?

Harrison Ford Josh Hartnett

The plot summary for Hollywood Homicide on Rotten Tomatoes reads: “After Antoine Sartain’s music kills rappers, Sgt. Joe Gavilan and police Detective KC Calden began to investigate.”

“At first distracted – Joe with his real estate transactions, KC with his acting aspirations – the partners are brought together when internal affairs officer Bennie Macko starts chasing Joe. The two men prove adept at police work, but they’ll also need help from Joe’s psychic gal pal,” the synopsis concludes.

Gray’s AnatomyIsaiah Washington played music mogul Antoine Sartain, while Harrison Ford and Josh Hartnett played investigating officers Sgt. Joe Gavilan and Detective KC Calden respectively. Internal affairs officer Bennie Macko is portrayed by Bruce Greenwood, with Lena Olin featuring as a psychic named Ruby.

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Hollywood Homicide was written by Robert Souza and Ron Shelton, with the latter also taking on a directorial role. Souza previously served as a homicide detective in the LAPD Hollywood Division. At the same time, he secretly worked as a real estate broker. The story is based on his experiences from that time in his life.

What Happened Between Harrison Ford and Josh Hartnett On the Set of Hollywood Homicide?

In the movie Hollywood Homicidethe chemistry between the two investigating detectives is not the best, and it appears that the same is replicated in real life.

According to reports that surfaced following the film’s release, there was some serious tension between Harrison Ford and Josh Hartnett while they were filming.

Yahoo! Films reported that things were so bad, that Ford didn’t make eye contact with his co-star. He is also said to have called Hartnett a “punk,” with his younger colleague responding by referring to him as an “old fart.”

While those particular claims have not been fully backed up, the Penny Scary star confirmed that there was strained air between her and Ford.

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Speaking to Contact Music in June 2003, Hartnett said: “There were times when we would just sit in the car when we were supposed to do a scene and neither of us would say anything for an hour.”

Harrison Ford Has A History Of Hollywood Fights

Hollywood Homicide

Fortunately, the tension between Harrison Ford and Josh Hartnett has finally been resolved. Hartnett confirmed this in the same interview with Contact Music, saying: “I think there’s going to be a trial period that I’m going to have to endure. But we’re about to settle.” However, Hartnett was not the only colleague Ford encountered in Hollywood.

The prolific director Ridley Scott infamously fell out with the actor when they first worked together on Blade Runner in 1981. He was asked a few years later who was the most “pain in the a**e” actor he had ever worked with, and his response was emphatic.

“It has to be Harrison,” said the director. “He knows a lot, that’s the problem.” However, Scott went on to clarify that they have since reconciled. “He can forgive me [for saying this] now because I can be with him. Now, he has become charming,” he added. “We had a bad patch there, [but] I’m done.”

Over the years, Ford also found himself beefing with her Indiana Jones star Shia LaBeouf, and even George Lucas himself.


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