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The Ford The Sierra RS500 Cosworth is a truly special car. Only 500 units existed, and you’re unlikely to see one on the road. The RS500 is a pure analogue experience, and demands superb car control. Like a rabid dog, it will bite you if you don’t take care of it. It is far from attractive, but its appearance is functional and absolutely amazing. From the square front end to the daring ‘whale tail’ rear wing, the RS500 is striking to say the least. It’s not supposed to be a good car. It’s a loud, special homologation with only one thing in mind: to win.

Ford Sierra RS500 Cosworth Is A Serious Limited Edition

Blue Sierra RS500 Cosworth race car
Brian Snelson via Flickr

In the mid-1980s, Ford decided they wanted to participate in the upcoming World Touring Car Championship. For this, they had to develop a new car and thus, the Sierra RS Cosworth was born. To get the Sierra racing, Ford had to build 5,000 of the road version under homologation rules. The ‘regular’ RS Cosworth was already a special car, but then along came the Sierra RS500 Cosworth. An Evolution rule in Group A racing allowed Ford to produce an upgraded RS Cosworth, of which they had to produce 500 units, hence the name RS500.

To the untrained eye, the standard Sierra RS Cosworth and the RS500 look almost identical. However, there are subtle differences. The new front bumper has a thin opening above the license plate, to funnel more air into the engine bay, and Ford added a new front splitter. At the rear, they strengthened the rear wing and added a second piece of aero in the form of a trunk lip spoiler. The RS500’s chassis is almost identical to the normal Sierra RS Cosworth, and that’s no bad thing. Ford equipped it with stiff springs, shocks, and anti-roll bars, so it can go as fast around a corner as it can in a straight line.

The whole package looks mean, aggressive, and ready to race. So the front fog lamps are in a box in the trunk as standard, with grilles in their place on the front bumper. Furthermore, what’s under the hood has everyone excited about the Sierra RS500 Cosworth.

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Cosworth Works Their Magic With Ford Sierra RS500 Engine

Black Sierra RS500 Cosworth
Riley via Flickr

The YBD engine found in the Ford Sierra RS500 Cosworth is a shining star, built specifically for this purpose. Based on the YBB motor in the RS Cosworth, it received a whole host of upgrades. Cosworth strengthened the engine block to withstand the extra power (which is particularly relevant in race models). Special oil-cooled pistons helped keep temperatures under control, and upgraded oil, water and fuel pumps ensured fluids got where they needed to, and fast. They added a new secondary fuel rail, a larger turbocharger and intercooler, along with a fresh ECU tune to make the most of the improvements.

In road vehicles, the 2.0-liter engine produced 224 hp and 203 lb–ft of torque, sent through a five-speed manual transmission (and limited-slip differential) to the rear wheels. Its light weight, of 2,660 lbs, means that the RS500 “Cossie” can blast from 0 to 60 mph in just 6 seconds and on to a top speed of 153 mph.

Sierra RS500 Cosworth Is Successful On Tracks Around The World

White and blue Sierra RS500 Cosworth driving
David Merrett via Flickr

The competition versions of the Ford Sierra RS500 Cosworth were clearly more race-focused and produced 470 hp. The engine is so powerful, in fact, that they are capable of up to 1,000 hp. That’s a lot from a small 2.0-liter inline four. Cosworth sure knows how to build engines.

The first race of the Ford Sierra RS500 Cosworth was at the famous Spa-Francorchamps in the 1987 World Touring Car Championship, midway through the racing season. The two RS500s showed their mettle and qualified in first and second positions, but unfortunately, they were unable to complete the race. They continued to take pole position for the rest of the year, and won half of the remaining races on the calendar. The Ford Sierra RS500 Cosworth went on to win races and championships, all over the world.

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The Ford Sierra RS500 Cosworth Is A Raw Machine With Only Speed ​​On Its Mind

White Sierra RS500 Cosworth
Draco2008 via Flickr

If you want luxury, the Ford Sierra RS500 Cosworth is not the car for you. The interior is of good quality for the period, but the focus is solely on performance. All are specifically angled towards the driver so they can be fully controlled, and there aren’t really any extras to speak of. The RS500 is available in black, white and moonstone blue, with just one color ‘choice’ for the interior. Nothing should detract from what the Sierra RS500 is all about – speed. It is rarer than rare and truly one of the coolest fast Fords ever made.

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