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There aren’t that many muscle cars on the market these days, but the big names are still around, like the Dodge Charger. The Charger is a very popular muscle car option right now, but it’s not for everyone, and Ford fans can go with the Ford Mustang instead. If car buyers don’t want to buy a Dodge Charger or Ford Mustang, there are alternatives, and here’s a look at three muscle car options that aren’t the Charger or the Mustang.

The Dodge Charger GT AWD is a big car with some of the best snow driving credentials.
Dodge Charger GT | Stelantis

1. Chevy Camaro

As muscle car enthusiasts may know, the big three brands when it comes to muscle cars are Chevy, Dodge, and Ford. This makes the Chevy Camaro a good Dodge Charger alternative for people who like muscle cars.


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