Young Man Gifted 1968 Ford Falcon by Generous Manager, 1st car as Reward for Hardwork leaves Peeps Moved | Daily News Byte


  • A man from Florida got a big gift from his boss in recognition of how good he was at work
  • The young gentleman proudly posed next to his Vintage 1968 Ford Falcon and many online users were amazed
  • Videos and photos of the employee sitting in his new ride after his boss showed up with the car caused a stir on Twitter.

A generous man gave one of his employees a car to show appreciation for their hard work. The employee was very happy with his new car as he sat happily posing in various photos and videos.

Managers get a new employee car
One lucky man got his first car thanks to his generous gift. Photo: @raphousetv2
Source: Twitter

People were moved by the story and shared their own experiences with the bosses. Netizens were also impressed with the young man who got his first car.

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Man receives car from manager after working hard

A post on Twitter @raphousetv2 shared the story of a man from Florida whose manager gave him a 1968 Ford Falcon. The young man is positively glowing in the photos and clip where he dons an orange T-shirt to match his new ride.

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The young man looked very happy videos where he first got into his car. It was a big deal for him because it was his first whipping.

Online users flooded the comments with congratulatory messages. Peeps share their own experiences of having generous bosses.

@yngmyles commented:

“Nah this a gotta be a good sign for the new year…Florida man with good news.”

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@miskiackerman commented:

“This is the first time I’ve seen something positive come after ‘Florida man’.”

@ANNUNAKI963 commented:

“It’s amazing.”

@TheyHoedMe commented:

“I promise, that positive attitude will get you places. People can relate to hard times and keeping your head up.”

@_ferrarifatboy commented:

“Hard work pays off.”

@CoachCGoodman commented:

“First time I saw a tweet that started with “Florida Man” and it didn’t go away.”

@meek410_ commented:

“This car is very hot.”

@BeasterroXD commented:

“My previous job I worked hard every day, even when I was very sick from the stomach and had a bad cough for the last three weeks. The extra hours were accepted but not paid for it (they lied). Finally, in return, I was disrespected, and the job was filled with toxic workers.”

@jeffreybruhhh commented:

“1968 Falcon, that’s a GIFT boy.”

@Dpad2k commented:

“My boss from a previous job sold me my Teggy for 1200 when he could have sold it for 8 000. My old car broke down and he wanted me to have something different.”

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