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The Crown Victoria’s standard V8 engine makes it an easy muscle car to turn into a great project car with some serious potential.

When the average person hears the word “Crown Vic” they think of the police. When car enthusiasts hear those words, they think of a cheap V8 that can be turned into a terrific sleeper muscle car. The Ford Crown Victoria was first released in 1991, and it has become a major staple in American car culture.

Almost everyone can picture the look of a Crown Victoria in their mind whenever they hear the name. The Crown Victoria Police Interceptor was first introduced in 1992. It has been the most popular police cruiser for decades, and there are many reasons for that.

The main reason is its size; the ample amount of legroom is great for keeping people unfortunate enough to end up in the backseat of one of the comfortable ones. It is also comfortable for the driver and front passenger as well. The trunk of this celebrity Ford is large and has enough room for the officers to put all their equipment. The engine provided enough power to chase down speeders or chase down a criminal in a hot pursuit.

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Here’s How The Crown Vic Became

1995 Ford Crown Victoria rear third quarter view
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The Crown Victoria was built on the Panther platform. This platform was first used for the Mercury Grand Marquis and Ford LTD. Lincoln soon adopted the platform that would be used for the Town Car. In 1980 the Crown Victoria came to fruition, and it was created to be a more luxurious version of the LTD. Every vehicle on the platform comes with a V8 engine, and it has received many upgrades over the years. The fastest Crown Victoria trim is reserved for police forces only.

The Crown Victoria was built and sold from 1991 until production ended in 2011. Several issues led to its discontinuation. One of the main issues is its poor fuel economy, a family sedan that averages 16 MPG on the road and 24 MPG on the highway is quite disappointing, and better cars are better choices to buy. The police chose to replace their Crown Vic interceptors with the Ford Explorer because it was larger, more fuel efficient, and modern.

One Of The Most Reliable Cars Ever Made

2004 Ford Crown Victoria

The P71 package is what makes the Crown Victoria an American car legend. This package provided external oil coolers in the transmission and transmission and a higher capacity alternator. This made the car the most durable vehicle on the road, and every police force in America was trying to get their hands on one. Over the years, the reliability of the car has received a reputation as “bulletproof” because they rarely break down. It’s very easy for Crown Victorias to reach over 300,000 miles.

Car enthusiasts usually avoid a Crown Victoria when trying to tow them, but they may be looking to buy one to change it up. It’s one of the most affordable V8 cars on the market and sold for under $1000 just a few years ago. With the right modifications, an old sedan can be turned into a cheap sleeper.

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The Crown Vic Is The Perfect Project Car For Beginners

Ford Crown Victoria Coupe front quarter view
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There are many owners of Crown Victoria’s who have added an incredible amount of modifications to their cars and made them as fast as modern muscle cars. The car has the basics to get a good start on a project car for a beginner or a seasoned veteran.

The upcoming Crown Victoria standard with a V8 engine gave them a good amount of power, initially. Rear-wheel drive as standard provided the basic characteristics to be considered a muscle car. The over 4,000 curb weight is another important part of its muscle car DNA. It was the last body-on-frame muscle car which gave it a real classic and aggressive feel. They are not intended to be fast as they are intended for civilian and police use. The technology in the car may be old, but it’s still very good for the price.

Performance mods involving forced induction are the obvious choices for more speed. Turbocharging or supercharging the 4.8-liter V8 engine can unlock enormous power and is the easiest way to accelerate the car. Although it is a simple idea to add forced induction to an engine, it can be expensive and requires a good amount of time to complete.

The Crown Victoria is quite heavy, so reducing the weight could make it go a little faster and also help it handle better. Camshaft upgrades can add a good amount of power while keeping the car naturally aspirated. The cold air intake brings cooler air into the engine and also adds some power.

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