Veteran Android Gaming Redditor and YouTuber Nimblethor’s Best Games of 2022 List is better than Google’s. | Daily News Byte


Redditor and YouTuber Nimblethor has put together a list of the best Android games of 2022 on Reddit, and it’s better than Google’s work.

The user regularly reviews games for r/AndroidGaming, and recently published a post with a year-end of the best games, or at least, games of the year, ranked in terms of quality.

Each game’s poster is accompanied by a message about whether it’s free or paid, and links to short reviews to give you some idea of ​​why each option is available.

More In-Touch Options?

Earlier this month, we covered the list of Google Play Top Games of 2022 and we saw some other offers that surprised the Android gaming community, to put it mildly. Dislyte winning best multiplayer was not a foregone conclusion.

Dislyte placed on Nimblethor’s list, although it ended up in the C-tier, leaving a huge gap between opinions about the quality of the game.

Vampire Survivors made one of the top spots, even though its release was too late to rank in Google’s rankings. It’s good to see that love is found on this list.

Few Universal Likes, Few Controversial Choices

Nimblethor and Google agreed on Apex Legends Mobile, with the game reaching the top of the Reddit list, and playing the best game on Google Play.

Not everyone thought Ni-no-Kuni: Cross Worlds deserved its lowest rating, though its autoplay and heavy pay-to-win features seemed to be the main selling point.

Best gaming lists are subjective, and you may or may not agree with one or both of your priorities as a gamer, but we like the rundown, and the Nimblethor’s positive reviews are contagious.

Perhaps the best Android games of reddit 2022 list is the top one to watch this year, at least until we’re done.


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