The Google Pixel 7 Pro is the 2022 Android smartphone of the year | Daily News Byte


If you want the best phone on the market right now, this is the one to hit

Carrying the Pixel 7 Pro is easy. Pick one up in the grocery store and you might cry. Same old, same old, you mumble to yourself. And while Google’s new flagship phone packs a punch, of course, you’re missing the big picture. Yes, the Pixel 7 Pro is a simple evolution of its predecessor, but by picking up where the Pixel 6 Pro left off, Google has been able to develop a better phone in every way.


Refinements to the game this year can be seen from all angles. The technology is more advanced than Samsung’s level, with the camera integrated into the frame and surrounding the entire device. Although we would like to see Google drop some of its bad practices – the rearview mirror in 2018 – the overall design is better than what the company has to offer.

However, the Tensor G2 chip that uses this phone enables more AI tricks than before. Although it’s only a modest effort in implementation, tools like Photo Unblur and Recorder are really changing the way we use smartphones. Capturing a speech or interview has never been easier, even if many speakers can go through simple transcriptions. And seriously, Photo Unblur has preserved photos from the past ten years that I thought would last forever. It’s one of the most amazing tools I’ve used, and it’s unique to Google’s latest phones.


And that’s not to say about the cameras on these devices themselves. Since its inception, the Pixel series has been the best way to capture the world around you, and it still stands today. While the Galaxy S22 Ultra beats Google in terms of simplicity, the Pixel 7 Pro has nothing to offer when it comes to capturing amazing photos over time. Whether you’re shooting with the front lens, the improved ultra-wide, or the handy 5x telephoto sensor, the images produced by this device are second to none.

Google has finally recognized its trust issues. Unlike the Pixel 6 Pro, we’ve seen a few bugs rear their ugly heads this year. Security fixes and Feature Drops have come on time as expected, and other issues have seen Google act quickly. It’s a good sign after the team leaves the ball in 2021.

Simply put, the Pixel 7 Pro offers the best experience of any smartphone in 2022. In a year full of manufacturers offering little changes to existing hardware, these are the actions of Google made us very happy, and that’s why we got the phone of the year award. Whether the company will do it again next year with the Pixel 8 – or, the Pixel Fold – remains to be seen. But now, if you want the best Android phone, it’s hard to beat what Google has to offer.


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