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This time of year, there are a slew of Game of the Year shows and articles that highlight the best video games in a variety of genres. Many of these are Family Game of the Year categories which can be a great way to discover new games for your family.

Yes, it is, but most of them miss the opportunity to present stories or ordinary games that want big money ideas (they are widely advertised). So set the record straight and vote for this month’s unique family games of the year that haven’t been seen in other awards, grouped by their annual ESRB rating.


The ESRB rating E All indicates that games are suitable for all ages, and may contain minor graphics, fantasy or violence, or frequent use of strong language.

Lil Gator (PC and Switch)

Lil Gator Game is a game where you challenge your older brother to join your game. It’s a 3D action game where you explore the world to take down monsters, climb mountains, jump and fly around. It stands out because of the writing of young characters and for filling the mind with happiness.

Paradise Marsh (Mac, PC, Switch and Xbox)

This is a free hunting game. You explore the marsh to find and capture different creatures and return their stars to the night sky. It’s a water park that’s perfect for young players and adults to play with and find the controls.

Compy Comp Comp Party (PC, Switch)

If you want some crazy hectic fun this is great. Chompy Chomp Chomp Party is a crowd chasing game where you try and catch other players before they catch you. It is not only suitable for disco scenes but also for easy chaotic difficulty with up to 8 players.

Stitch (Apple TV, iOS, Mac)

Something to relax after a long day of work. Stitch is a sewing puzzle where you fill in numbered areas with colored thread to create pictures. It starts out easy but because there is a limit to how much yarn you can add, it quickly becomes really difficult.

Railbound (PC, Switch, iOS and Android)

This adds to the fun of building model railroads with a puzzle. You have to put the track, change places and use the tunnels to get the cars to the engine in the right way. It’s great fun for the family to get together and everyone agrees on how to solve each level.

Update (PC and Switch)

Who doesn’t love a donut? Here you will have your own donut factory. The challenge is to use the topping machines and conveyor belts in the right way to make the perfect donuts. It’s a puzzle game that doesn’t take itself too seriously, even before you need real puzzle skills to unlock the lines of action.

Pointy (iOS and Android)

From the makers of Downwell, this new platform game has you jumping and flipping your way up a well. Its approach controls allow you to direct your flight to land on platforms, defeat enemies and collect items. The difficulty of the game is higher.

Pompom (Android, PC, Switch and IOS)

This is a platform game that turns the tables. You have to do levels as you go before completing them. You do not control the hamster hero, but quickly select and place platforms (and fountains, straws, umbrellas, cannons) to ensure that it enters in one piece. It is simple, creative and has a good educational side to it.

Grapple Dog (PC, Xbox and Switch)

This is a retro platform game where you are a dog with a special skill. You can spin on surfaces to swing and jump on a level. This cleverly enhances the platforming fun like the arcade games of yesteryear (Bionic Commando). In the family it is fun as you practice how to overcome each level.

Please touch the artwork (iOS, Mac, PC, Switch)

This is a puzzle game for kids who are tired of being told not to touch things. Here you will interact with traditional artworks to solve a puzzle and discover a story. This creates color puzzles that are solved by clicking and clicking on them.

Skate Night (Android and iOS)

This is a great little game because it’s simple and challenging. You play by just controlling the flight and nothing else. This allows you to control your skateboarder as they make their way through the world at night. Jumping and spinning at the right time means you build teams and tricks to score points and unlock new characters, songs and levels.

Time on Frog Island (PC, PS4, PS5, Switch and Xbox One)

This is a common journey because all communication is through symbols rather than words. You make your way through the journey after the ship. This has become difficult because you have to make a chain of requests and things to trade on your way to fix your ship.

Hindsight (Mac, PC, Xbox, PlayStation, Switch and iOS)

This is a point-and-click game about revisiting the past with whatever you remember. You will explore each scene, find objects and listen to the story as you move the camera to look inside what you have found. A moving story for family veterans.


10+ games are suitable for ages 10 and up. They may contain graphic, graphic or violent content, suggestive language and/or mildly emotional content.

Lost in Game (PC and Switch)

This is a detailed visit with a focus on brothers and sisters. Lost in their minds, Toto and Gal must solve the puzzles to get home. Not only does it look great, but the puzzles and hint system are perfect for families who are not used to this type of game.

Sail Forth (Mac, PC, PS5, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S)

This is a sailing simulation that allows you to captain a fleet of ships on the high seas. As you understand how the sails and the wind move, you slowly discover the ancient depths that swallowed the key of the past. It might remind you of Wind Waker, but this game stands out for balancing reality and fun.

Incognito Search (iOS and Android)

This is a classic game about dancing and movement. You play on the program and everyone dances to different songs. The challenge is to try and find out who is listening the same way as you from the way they move. It’s the perfect relaxing video game – for people who don’t play video games.

Harlow (Mac, PC and Switch)

This is a puzzle platform game with a difference. You control two clumsy robots planning a surprise party for the ice colonists. This means you have to guide your droid around each level to collect all the things you need for the party. It takes a Limbo aesthetic but twists it in a really cool way.

Wobbledogs (PC and Switch)

This is an animal simulation game with a difference. You not only take care of your dogs but also breed them to discover new mutations and traits. This turns a simple animal care game into a challenging natural selection game to develop the right traits you need for your Wobbledog world. It’s silly, fun and kids love it.

Storage and management (PC)

This racing game works well on younger players. It doubles the surrealism of the 90’s arcade games to create a silly and fun competition that is more like skating than driving.


There are games rated ESRB youth that are suitable for ages 13 and up. Games in this category may contain violence, emotional themes, violent humor, mild gore, pretend play, and/or frequent use of strong language.

Wavetale (PC, PS4, Switch and Xbox One)

You surf the waves around the fallen city. You play as Sigrid, a young girl who works to restore the decaying landscape and falls in love with a mysterious shadow that allows her to walk on water. This is great for families not only because the fun of the adventure is easy to play, but because the stories you meet are well written and the pictures give you a sense of comfort and imagination.

Wayward Strand (PC, PS4, PS5, Switch and Xbox One)

This is an alternate story game about Casey Beaumaris, who visits a flying hospital to help his mother. Tintin is a kind of adventure where you hear the part of the story you heard. This creates the real feeling of a story spreading around you and record many games to see what you have missed.

Before Your Eyes (iOS, PC, Android)

This is a very different game because you control the pressure by focusing your eyes (visible by your webcam or smartphone camera). This way you will take a journey back into the life of an 11 year old and the memories they have. The result is new and exciting.


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