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There’s something about relaxing during the Christmas holidays, Android phone in hand, cleansing the body from the outside world, and getting ready to play the perfect Christmas episode on your favorite game. .

Well, this year you are in for a treat, as there is a real feast of Christmas updates to the best Android games. We’ve compiled a list of our favorites below, along with links to download them, so you can check them out quickly.

The best Christmas Android apps

Read on to see what other favorite games are getting Christmas updates this year…

Diablo Immortal

Diablo Immortal sees the start of the Brumaltine event featuring three daily quests that you can complete, exchanging gifts for Christmas goodies. Westmarch’s home hub is decked out in festive glamour, and a joy to behold.

Check out Diablo Immortal on Google Play.

Brawl Stars

Celebrate Brawlidays by collecting new Christmas cartoon wallpapers and completing new challenges. Also, enjoy Christmas carols playing when you load a game.

Check out Brawl Stars on Google Play.

Candy Crush Saga

Get into the festive spirit when you unlock Advent Stripes every day in Candy Crush. You’ll also be happy to know how the game has a Christmas theme too!

Check out Candy Crush Saga on Google Play.

Clash of Clans

Enjoy the Christmas theme featuring new features, challenges, snow-covered villages, and some light Christmas gifts.

Check out Clash of Clans on Google Play.

Clash Royale

Enjoy the Christmas update in Clash Royale, featuring eight new emotes, four new tower skins, and 28 new flags!

Check out Clash Royale on Google Play.

Mario Kart Tour

Mario Kart Tour is no exception when it comes to Christmas updates, adding fun-themed karts, ice skating rinks, and more!

Check out Mario Kart Tour on Google Play.

The Baby in Yellow

Baby Yellow celebrates Christmas, with a very merry spirit! In the new update, you will find that the house is decorated in a traditional Christmas style, creating a safe feeling. Instead of reindeer and Santa, you’ll wake up to an evil Snowman knocking on your door!

Check out Baby In Yellow on Google Play.

Game of Thrones 3

Royal Match 3 brings the happy spirit, redecorating their photos with images of Santa, reindeer, elves, and snowmen. The puzzles get a make-over, replacing the royal symbols with gingerbread men, santa hats, bells, and more.

Check out Royal Match 3 on Google Play.

PUBG Mobile

The new update of Winterfest has landed, giving you the option of free and do tricks on the new Snowboard! A new game mode, RageGear, has been introduced, pitting players against each other in a new 12 v 12 shooter.

Check out PUBG Mobile on Google Play.


The 8-Ball Pool Winter update brings Christmas cheer. On the menu you’ll find a new winter theme, and there’s even a Christmas photo up for grabs! A little new to be sure, but a nice feature nonetheless.

Check out 8-Ball Pool on Google Play.


Gardenscapes has redesigned their menu with a Christmas theme. In addition, there are 15 special levels and extra coins, all up for grabs! If you visit the game’s official Facebook page, you’ll find that the studio has released exclusive Christmas wallpapers for you to use.

Check out Gardenscapes on Google Play.

Did we miss any?

Don’t worry, just leave a comment below and we’ll update this list as we go along.


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