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The Arduboy Mini is a new handheld gaming system that’s now available for support on Kickstarter, and it fits in a pocket on your shirt. This small console is based on the design of the Game Boy and is the follow-up to the original Arduboy. A smaller version of the system was released by developer Kevin Bates in 2016.

Like its predecessor, the Arduboy Mini is built with an Arduino board and a small OLED screen. There are buttons for controlling your games, and a charging port on the bottom for power. That being said, it’s not a full console. Like missing out on some things you’d expect to find on a handheld gaming system. It’s not a bad thing. And there is a reason for the way it is built.

The Arudboy Mini is designed to be tinkered with

Part of the reason why this small system was designed without two parts is because, according to Bates, this will encourage users to plug in the system and add what they need. . Out of the gate, the Mini lacks a speaker and a battery. So there’s no sound and you can’t hang up the phone. But there are solder points on the back so you can attach these. You can play games on the smaller system.

You need to connect a USB-C cable to save power. It comes with 300 games that can be viewed on the 128 x 64 pixel OLED screen. With six tactile buttons on the front to control the controls. Four are in the form of a dpad, and two are for function buttons.

There is also a button on the back for system reset. That’s what you need if you want to play a new game. All the games on the Arduboy Mini are 8-bit so they are simple in terms of gameplay mechanics. But that doesn’t have to take away a lot of fun if you like retro games. You can snag an Arduboy Mini for yourself for $29 on the app’s Kickstarter page. Parts are expected to ship in June of 2023.


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