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The lines between streaming and traditional media have become blurred, and the Google TV streaming platform reflects that. This service combines all your streaming needs on one screen for a surfing-like experience. All you need is a Chromecast or a compatible smart TV. You can turn on your Android phone remotely!

Chromecast is often ranked as one of the best streaming devices available today. What people don’t know is the Android OS version of the Google TV app. There are thousands of compatible apps that you can use with Google TV. This list reflects the quality of the company.


The best apps to download for Google TV

Some apps are pre-installed on Google TV, but those apps may vary by device. All that is needed for pre-loaded services is to connect your accounts. For apps that aren’t there, you need to find and download them on the Google Play Store. Consider these apps when adding to your Google TV app library.

1. Streaming service programs

Netflix is ​​one of the pre-loaded apps on your Google TV set. Make sure you have it and your account is connected (if you have an account). Most of the other streaming juggernauts have apps that are worth using. These include Amazon Prime TV, Hulu TV, Paramount +, HBO Max, Disney +, and more.

2. Internet TV programs

Many TV networks have apps with Google TV. Find apps right from your favorite broadcaster. Sometimes you need a phone subscription to use these apps, but they often allow access to live TV and popular media.

3. Fubo TV

Fubo TV is a great app for following sports and watching live events. There are many sports programs that show live events and highlights as well. Fubo has a clean finish and a nice variety. If you have a particular sport in mind, find a specific program or website.

4. Redbull TV

Redbull TV is another great option for following sports. This app connects to individual players sponsored by Redbull and Redbull events. This is great if you want to follow serious sports and Esports athletes.

5. Platoon

If you own a bike, you’re probably familiar with the Peloton. This app is known for its indoor cycling exercises, but there are many other good exercises that require equipment. There are many great fitness apps for Google TV. Peloton is a great place to start your search.

6. VLC Media Player

VLC is one of the best software for playing any type of media. This app is famous for being able to play most of the video files. You can play audio files and use some other cool features! This is a great app for playing private files through your Google TV.

7. Send the files to the TV

It can be difficult to transfer files between your other devices and your Google TV. Send files to the TV to help solve this problem. Using this app, you can send movies, shows, and other files stored on other devices to your Google TV set.

8. FX File Explorer

If you plan to transfer files between other devices and your Google TV, you should use the file manager app. This helps you organize and manage your files. Downloading this type of app is essential if you want to download programs.

9. Spotify

It’s nice to be able to save your Google TV settings as a sound system. If you want some noise or you are hosting a party, the Spotify app is a great way to have a music center.

10. TuneIn Radio

TuneIn turns your TV into a radio. TuneIn includes music, news, and FM radio. Between TuneIn, Spotify, Google Play Music, and other great options, Google TV can cover most of your audio media needs.

11. Clouds

If you want to keep up with your favorite channel or watch esports events on your TV, download the Twitch app. It’s a great way to integrate the Twitch streaming interface for a TV setup. There are also third-party options if you don’t like Twitch’s official app.

12. Basic Course

The Masterclass app is a low-cost option for Google TV. This is a great resource for learning new skills. Also, it helps in playing lessons on the big screen. You may need to make a one-time purchase or subscription for this app.

13. To use TV for digital purposes

It’s not a bad idea to keep using your device. Digital Wellbeing for Google TV is a great way to monitor how much time you spend with your television. You’ll also find smart features to help you use it if that’s what you’re looking for.

14. JioPages – Website for TV

Having a web browser is helpful. JioPages is one of the top TV viewing apps on the Play Store because it’s simple and effective. There are many other options you can look into if this doesn’t work for you.

Expand your app library on Google TV

There’s a good chance that Google TV can save a lot of your media usage. The thousands of apps available cover the world between streaming content and traditional media. The programs listed above are a good place to start.

Consider checking out how to use Google TV if you’re new to the service. It never hurts to have some tips when diving into a shiny new tech game.


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