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Harrison Ford has been chosen by Marvel Studios to replace William Hurt as Ross, and fanart gives an idea of ​​what he will look like in Captain America 4.

With the passing of William Hurt, the Marvel Cinematic Universe was forced to find a new Thunderbolt Ross. Harrison Ford has been tapped for the role, and fan art gives fans an idea of ​​what it might look like Captain America: New World Order.

Ford was rumored to be Marvel Studios’ choice to replace Hurt as Ross (who debuted in the role for The Incredible Hulk) for upcoming MCU installments, including the upcoming Thunders movie. As Ford appears to be coming out captain america 4, fan art created when his casting was just another rumor proving why he was the perfect choice to play the role of Thunderbolt Ross.


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Rahal shared a photo of what Ford would look like as the decorated military officer while captioning it, “Heard the news Harrison Ford was being talked about for General Ross, decided to do this concept, he got the look. #generalross #thunderbolts #HarrisonFord .” Ford not only looks like a great veteran, as Ross should be, but he also has the trademark General Ross mustache, giving him the look of someone who thinks he’s doing the right thing for his country. at any rate, even if his actions are actually doing more harm than good.

Hopefully, Marvel Studios brought Ford in as Hurt’s replacement for Thunderbolt Ross because they believed Ford was right for the part and not because of his established popularity as an action hero thanks to his time as Han Solo and Indiana Jones. Ford is known for starring in most of his films, but he has played villains in the past, though not often. Casting Ross could be an opportunity for Ford to try something different, but that will depend on how much he cares about doing his best on the project as he has shown in the past how little passion he can put into his performances.

If Ford is ultimately not interested in being involved in the MCU, Marvel Studios may turn to Sam Elliott as Ross. Even the original Hulk movie from 2003 was not well received by comic book fans, Elliott looked the part when he played Ross. Not to mention his acting regimen speaks for itself. With Marvel Studios bringing back previous actors to play their characters like Tobey Maguire, Andrew Garfield, and Patrick Stewart, who’s to say they’d bring Elliott back as Ross, who played him nearly two decades ago?

Note that Hurt was largely forgotten as Thunderbolt Ross in the MCU fanbase after Marvel Studios took action The Incredible Hulk most of all did not happen. That was until he came back Captain America: Civil War eight years later. Still, many admired Hurt and his role as Thunderbolt Ross, but Ford certainly had the gruff, disgruntled demeanor to capture the character while making the role his own.

Thunders is slated to hit theaters on July 26, 2024.

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