Ireland come through huge Italy test to keep grand slam dream alive

Ireland avoided a major defeat at the Grand Slam tournament and continued their journey to Six Nations glory with a 34-20 win over Italy.

Andy Farrell’s hard-nosed side was nowhere near their best in Rome, but McHansen’s two tries after goals from James Ryan, Hugo Keenan, and Bendi Aki eventually secured victory…

Fearless Italy was the best team in the world for most of the games played at the Stadio Olimpico.

Steven Barney’s try, Pierre Bruno’s excellent drive, and Paolo Garbisi’s 10 points saw hosts Kay Ron Crowley down by just four points with 15 minutes remaining.

But Ross Byrne’s nine goals helped the Irish overcome fears of staying out for a clean sheet ahead of title rivals Scotland and England in March.

Inform Island came to the Italian capital and won three titles in a row, but injuries prevented them from acquiring many star names.

The stands were full of green jerseys and the team led by Byrne and Craig Casey got off to a good start.

James Lowe, who beat France 32-19 two weeks ago, was unable to secure an immediate victory this time as replays showed he lost the ball in the first hand. Push shot by Angie Capozzo.

But Ireland’s frustration soon set in with captain Ryan, who relied on Lowe’s assist after Aki’s superb pass inside three minutes.

Italy hasn’t won at home since Declan Kidney’s 22-15 victories over Ireland in decades.

The talents of scrum-half Garbisi and agile goalkeeper Capozzo added exciting touches, while Welsh scrum-half Bernie was quick to respond to Lorenzo Canné’s powerful pass.

Ireland defender Keenan found himself gasping for breath on the board midway through the first half after a couple of tackles, while Aki, who played a key role in his side’s first two tries, kicked a Garbisci penalty that was temporarily reduced.

now. Continued pressure to help reduce domestic support.

The crowd didn’t have much time to enjoy the relief, however, as they were reduced to two points from seven at the end of a thrilling opener.

Italian full-back Bruno intercepted Aki’s pass from his half and raced 70 yards to restore balance and spark new hope among the Azzurri fans.

Another Garbisi penalty made it 24-20 and Farrell looked dazed from the stands as Aki denied his second goal of the night and showed he had lost control of the wicket before jumping downstairs.

Byrne’s penalty saw Hansen get past the Italian defense with nine minutes to go to give Ireland a valuable win.

Andy Farrell remembers “fighting Italy in a good game.”

Andy Farrell remembers "fighting Italy in a good game."
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In a world that fell to country number 1, he won 34-20, although his 1st place is much less than Rome’s highest-placed, Andy Farrell said he feared Ireland could keep his hopes of beating Italy by a margin of 34-20, but it was a friendly concern, Farrell was asked to cut his toe off at half-time as the world number one did not reach his best in Roma and a fearless team trailed him by four, McHansen’s second shot of the afternoon came after substitute James Ryan, Hugo his Keenan, and Aki his Bundy goal beat Azzurri in the ninth minute.

Farrell is determined to avoid disappointment and fight to win the Six Nations but admits it won’t be easy.

Farrell is determined to avoid disappointment and fight to win the Six Nations but admits it won’t be easy.

He said: “Did I ask for nails?” His mother went mad. not me. It was a tough game.

Irish officials came to Italy to win the capital’s heavy names Wales and France, but no big names due to injuries.

Andy Farrell remembers "fighting Italy in a good game."

Bonus points were already awarded in the first half when Ryan, Keenan, Aki, and Hansen took the green shirts on the podium.

But lean midfielder Paul Garbisi, who scored 10 points, and Andean goalkeeper Capuozzo refused to change Italy.

Peter’s elaborate interception by Bruno just before half-time added to Steven Barney’s first-half goal, and Asley beat Ireland’s Declan in his 22:15 at the start of his decade. Securing the championship with a win at home and renewed hopes of a first win at home.

Garbisi cut Ireland’s lead from 24 to 20 in the 56th minute, giving the visitors a tough time before Hansen’s Man of the Hour finally got the result beyond doubt…

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