Major vehicle pile-up on Delhi-Meerut Expressway due to fog, over 15 cars involved in collision

Several people were injured due to the collision of more than ten vehicles on the Delhi-Sahra highway.

Ravi Kumar of Ghaziabad Rural Police Department said that several people were injured in the accident on Sunday morning due to heavy fog on the Delhi-Meerut highway.

Some reports indicate that 15 cars collided with each other on the Ghazi Abad highway in the Masur district due to poor visibility.

A traffic accident took place on the Delhi-Meerut highway today around 8 am due to heavy fog. ADCP said in a statement: “No incident has been reported, traffic is currently flowing normally.”

About 5 people were injured and a truck driver was seriously injured.

Meanwhile, more than 12 vehicles collided on the Delhi-Sahrapur highway and several people were injured. There are reports that many children in India are currently in vehicles including school buses.

The accident took place at Bagpath in Uttar Pradesh, near a Pali village on National Highway 709B, when more than a dozen vehicles, including motorbikes, cars, and a school bus, collided in poor visibility, the report said.

According to the report of Agra Police, citing Agra Police, in a similar incident on Saturday morning, two people were killed and two others were injured due to a head-on collision between a four-wheeler and a truck on the Agra-Lucknow highway. to Agra Police According to Agra Police. He says.

The incident took place on the Agra-Lucknow highway at Fatehbad police station in Agra. Officials said all the victims were on their way from Hapur to Bageshwar to attend a wedding.

According to them, there was heavy fog in the area and due to poor visibility, the car driver swerved to the left and collided with an oncoming container ship.

A serious accident occurred on the Delhi-Meerut road due to heavy fog. more broken

A serious accident occurred on the Delhi-Meerut road due to heavy fog. more broken
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Dense fog and poor visibility stranded 35 vehicles on the Delhi-Meerut Highway (DME) in Masri township on Sunday morning. There were no casualties, but one truck driver was seriously injured and nine people in the vehicle suffered only minor injuries and bruises.

NEW DELHI: A total of 35 vehicles collided on the Delhi-Meerut Highway (DME) near the village of Misri, where heavy fog obscured visibility on Sunday morning. Officials said there were no fatalities, but the driver of the vehicle was seriously injured and nine others in the vehicle suffered only minor injuries and bruises.

However, the latter caused a long traffic jam on Ghaziabad’s Meerut road and it took the company two hours to move forward.

You have to stand behind the pain. At the same time, another car hit the truck and went to the left. A third vehicle then collided with the truck, leaving it untouched. “Other vehicles (mainly cars, some trucks, trucks, and buses) collided.”

A serious accident occurred on the Delhi-Meerut road due to heavy fog. more broken.
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Not only did the third coach beat 24-year-old Harikesh Kumar. SHO Ravindra Pant of the Mussoorie Police Department said the man was seriously injured and is now being treated in a private hospital.

The NHAI Dousa control center immediately called a police car and an ambulance, a senior official said. Officials said the first ambulance arrived at the scene within 15 minutes. Five tow trucks, auto mechanics, fire trucks, and ambulances were dispatched to move the vehicles and transport the injured to the scene.

Traffic on the Meerut-Gaziabad road was partially blocked by police by lining the roadside with damaged vehicles. However, police announced that all damaged vehicles had been removed from the road and traffic would remain normal for several hours.

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