Inside the Model E: why Ford is hitting the reset button in Europe | Daily News Byte


Sander said the decision to ditch the Fiesta was “not something we took lightly” but “we had to do something”.

“The goal is to build a profitable, thriving business in Europe,” Sander said. “We have levers to pull. As a brand, something has to be done for Ford in Europe. Ask customers today and they see us as reliable, good brand, quality and affordable. It’s a good, strong foundation, but is it good enough?

“Ford as a company builds the best-selling sports car in the world with the Mustang and the best-selling vehicle on the planet with the F-150 [pick-up truck]. So is being good and affordable enough? Nope. We can do more and be more confident.”

As part of this change, Ford will more openly wear its US roots and act more like other vast international American companies.

“We are an American company, the only one [car company] doing business in Europe,” said Sander. “Europeans like American companies: Apple, Microsoft, Coca-Cola. We should be proud of being American culturally and socially.

To that end, Ford has developed a new guiding mindset: Adventurous Spirit.

“American means we’re rebels,” Zillig said. “It means we are restless. This means we are uncompromising. This means we are defined by an adventurous spirit, our new north star.


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