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In the career that Harrison Ford has enjoyed so far – and is still enjoying – the search for new challenges may seem bleak, but enjoying the 80 years he’s had up to this point, it seems Ford has simple requirements for new roles. In the case of 1923, it was the sheer quality of the work that attracted him, whereas the role of Thunderbolt Ross – previously occupied by the late Oscar-winning actor William Hurt – held a simpler attraction.

Harrison Ford as Red Hulk aka Thunderbolt Ross – fan image

“Hey, look, I’ve done a lot. I now want to do some of the things I have never done.”

He is the greatest action hero in the history of cinema with a final sixth turn on June 30 next summer in Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny, the iconic Han Solo in GFFA, was nominated for an Oscar for Witness and in Mount Rushmore of boxes. office draws, but a superhero flick has never been a part of it, until now.

On the subject of Thunderbolt Ross playing the Red Hulk (which you can see above in a fan-made image), Ford remained tight-lipped; literally.

You can listen to Ford on The Playlist podcast discuss all this and more.


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