Harrison Ford Is ‘Anxious’ To Work With Helen Mirren Again For 1923 | Daily News Byte


Harrison Ford plays Jacob Dutton in the Paramount+ series “1923.” However, even with all of Ford’s years as a cog in the Hollywood machine, the actor still found himself treading uncharted waters. “I haven’t played a character like this ever,” Ford said in an interview with Yahoo! entertainment “The complexity and his moral journey in terms of the decisions he has to make is complex and interesting. I want the audience to see the struggle of a determined man in these particular circumstances.”

In addition to tackling an unfamiliar role, Ford is also eager to work with Helen Mirren again. “The relationship between Jacob and Cara is a really strong element of the show,” Ford continued. “I look forward to working in that area with him.”

Ford’s work in films was extensive, but he only worked on a few television series, including guest spots on “Ironside,” “The Virginian,” and “Mod Squad” in the early years of his career. However, Ford is well suited to the grandeur of the streaming series “1923” compared to a conventional TV program. “They keep calling it television,” Ford said in the same interview. “But it’s very un-television. It’s, you know, a big spectacle. It’s an incredibly ambitious story that he [Taylor Sheridan] telling on epic proportions. The scale of the thing I think is too big for television.”

“1923” is currently streaming on Paramount+.


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