Google Calendar offers scruples, creating events from regular Gmail messages | Daily News Byte


Customers will be happy to see their daily purchases on your calendar.

We all get spam. It’s bad. But the worst kind of spam happens in your calendar, filling your schedule with regular events that include all the news and marketing information you receive. No, really, really: indeed, the smart addition that allows Google Calendar to easily create events based on certain hooks in your Gmail messages has become useful for some users.


People posted the events of the whole day based on the messages they received in Gmail that also went through Google Calendar. These events started on Thursday and continue till today.

Our colleagues at 9to5Google believe that users may find disabling integration helpful for a while. Head to Google Calendar > Settings > Events from Gmail to find a schedule for each account you’re signed in to.

Not so good if you book tickets for something in the next few days. For the most part, the Gmail integration has done a good job of collecting options and bookings, then easily creating events for them with relevant details and attached details.

For its part, the Google Calendar team says that users should report emergency events.

That’s great and all, but given the full nature of this flaw, we think someone at Google Workspace should just dig in and find a single switch to turn it on or off. tying or melting and sealing this cat. Well, as long as someone is doing it, that is.


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