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The S550 generation Ford Mustang The S650-generation Ford Mustang is fast approaching for the 2024 model year. With the most powerful iterations of the now famous 5.0-liter V8, along with a litany of dynamic and technological improvements, it is set to be the best modern Mustang ever. But what if you’re not quite sold on the new model and would rather stray to something with a little more flare? Stop and give RTR Vehicles a long, hard look.

We’d argue that the relative newcomers to RTR are more than capable of satisfying the itch for a quick muscle car with less pep in its step and more style in its wardrobe. They are fast, smooth, and, above all, an incredible value compared to their more established peers, such as Roush or Shelby American. And like these competitors, RTR Vehicles was born from motorsports, allowing each of their fast Fords held to a similarly high standard by a well-trained group of like-minded enthusiasts.

No, the RTR may not have the brand cache that rivals are known for, but that’s okay. It can deliver more in both departments and then some, and that’s why we’re calling it the aftermarket muscle car to race in 2023.

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RTR Is A Young Brand Born From Motorsports

2022 Ford Mustang In The Mountains
RTR Vehicles

It’s true that Saleen, Roush, and Shelby American have their roots in racing and motorsport. But so is RTR.

The “Ready-To-Rock” brand is revered as the youthful, hipster-chic tuner Mustang for its Formula D heritage, championed by retired Vaughn Gittin Jr. as well as drift instructor and former stuntman, Chelsea DeNofa. Their influence in motorsports has earned them a strong online following. They have even reached deep into younger audiences with appearances in many Need For Speed titles for over a decade.

Today, Vaughn continues to work with Ford, doing promotional stunt driving and co-development on the S650 Mustang, making him one of the few outsiders to get a taste of the new pony car.

RTR Mustangs Are Highly Adjustable For All Driving Styles

By Lebanon Ford Performance

Their niche has led them to develop truly useful products to put together an adaptable Mustang variant that can satisfy a wide range of driving enthusiasts. From canyon carvers to track drivers and drift fanatics, there’s a package for them. Adjustable shocks are offered for non-MagneRide Mustangs, and the brand recently launched its own line of coilovers for adjustable camber and ride height settings. Additionally, adjustable sway bars allow individual drivers to tailor their driving characteristics, allowing them to dial in an extra ounce of under or oversteer.

In terms of aesthetics, the RTR’s styling is relatively mild compared to their finish, with their current signature on most Ford vehicles being the diffused grille lights. However, for those who want Shelby-rivaling presence, you can order a Spec 5 widebody from their website. Their in-house tire selection is wider than their peers, even offering a thick rimmed design taken directly from Formula D competition cars.

Sure, they’re admittedly not the most impressive Mustangs, nor are they often the flashiest and most expensive without some kind of body kit, but they manage to strike the perfect balance to satisfy most driver, which can be changed by drivers. . They are easy to tune and tune, just like a proper tuner car should be.

RTR Mustangs Are A Strong Value

By Lebanon Ford Performance

Just a few years ago, RTR was on par with close rivals such as Roush, but they’ve managed to increase in value as new entry-level models have been added to the RTR lineup and dropped from their competitors.

Now, the least expensive RTR Mustang, the seemingly focused Design Package, stickers for $3,495 off the base Mustang cost. The next rung is the Spec 1, which costs $7,995 and includes a few more aesthetic touches and mild suspension upgrades. For reference, the current entry-level package from Roush, the 450R, stickers at $12,100 and has a remarkably similar innovation approach. Its only advantage is an exhaust and available MagneRide tuning.

Move up the ladder, and the price gap with its peers remains if not widens. For example, the $22,995 RTR Spec 3 package adds a Whipple supercharger, good for 750 horsepower and 615 lb-ft, adjustable suspension hardware, and available coilovers for non-MagneRide cars. By comparison, the similarly equipped Roush Stage 3 goes for $24,995, while the Shelby GT retires at $28,995.

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RTR Vehicles Makes Other Fords, If You’re Interested

Ford RTR Bronco hd wallpaper view
By: RTR Vehicles

Not the biggest Mustang fan? that’s fine. RTR Vehicles’ close relationship with Ford currently allows them to develop a range of packages for many more Ford vehicles. Just like their competitors, they currently have a huge variety of vehicles available as far as any big name Ford tuner is concerned, from Mustang variants to off-road specials.

Truck fans eager to get down and dirty can especially take advantage of RTR’s “fun-haver” mentality with RTR’s Ranger and their Bronco, now one of their most popular platforms. And like their Mustangs, any part a buyer might want is available individually from their site.

As the tagline suggests, the brand really knows how to have fun, on and off the track, and despite their motto “available to everyone, not for everyone,” we’d say they’re the closest to glamorous. all to a very wide audience. Born to provide a new splash of youthful, purpose-built charm to the Mustang aftermarket, Vaughn’s brand exploded from a mere Formula D contender to an international performance marque.

From their parts supply to their full Mustang and truck packages, anyone can take their cool Ford and build it into something truly ready to rock. Fingers crossed for what’s in store for the next generation of fast Fords.

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