Doug Ford is reaching too far | Daily News Byte


Doug Ford is trying to create a dictatorship. He is:

  • Trying to give himself the power to appoint supreme court justices
  • Eliminating the ability of municipalities to impose development charges, which are financially damaging, potentially resulting in substantial property tax increases
  • Removing citizens’ ability to appeal development proposals, while giving developers the ability to appeal municipal decisions and, if they are successful, force municipalities to pay their legal fees cost.
  • Removing regional and municipal governments’ authority for planning, removing their ability to meet climate action commitments, to protect farmland and to meet local housing needs. Developers can build what they want where they want.
  • Removing the Conservation Authority’s ability to protect the lands under their jurisdiction, rendering them virtually useless
  • Beginning of the gradual dismantling of the Greenbelt, threatening farmlands, water sources and natural areas; and contributing to car dependent urban sprawl
  • Creates “strong mayor” power, abolishes democratic municipal government

Stand up Ontario — Save our Democracy. Resist this power grab.

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