At least 60 migrants drowned after their boat capsized in southern Italy.

The boat, carrying 150 migrants, ran aground on Sunday morning when bodies washed ashore at the resort of Staccato di Cutro in the Crotone region.

At least 60 people, including 12 children, drowned after their boat capsized in southern Italy.

A ship carrying 150 migrants ran into rough seas early Sunday near the coastal town of Crotone in Calabria, the coast guard said.

Local government director Manuela Cola told Reuters news agency that three or four days ago, a ship carrying migrants sank after leaving Izmir in eastern Turkey.

He set fire to people from Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Somalia, and survivors said there were “between 140 and 150 people on board”.

So far, 60 migrants have been confirmed dead and 81 people have been rescued, 22 of whom have been hospitalized. Most of the survivors are believed to be from Afghanistan.

A patrol boat rescued two men with the body of a dead child from hypothermia, the Coast Guard said.

The rescue operation included the coast guard, border police, and fire boats.

Italy’s fire and rescue agency Vigili del Fuco said the boat carrying the migrants ran aground in Staccato di Cutro, a seaside resort in the Crotone region.

Firefighters are still at sea looking for survivors, but conditions are bad and the search is difficult, said Danilo Maida, spokesman for the Calabria regional fire department.

The regional coast guard said it was coordinating search and rescue operations at sea and had dispatched two patrol boats and a helicopter from Catania Air Base to search for survivors.

Rosario Maria Gianluca Valastro, head of the Italian Red Cross, told Sky News the situation was “very, very serious”.

‘Everybody’s Dead’: Smuggler’s Boat Adventures Lead to Scary Stories

'Everybody's Dead': Smuggler's Boat Adventures Lead to Scary Stories

The resident said: The higher the sun rises, the more bodies we see.

With the death toll at 62 on Monday, the survivors of a smuggler’s boat crash off the coast of southern Italy on Sunday spoke of loss and fear as they chase dreams of a better life on the rocks. The end The beach

Migrants from Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Syria, countries that have recently struggled with poverty, natural disasters, conflict, and civil unrest, travel from Turkey in 28-meter wooden boats. Calabria to the Italian Coast Guard. Agence France-Presse, reporting the relief forces, counts the number at over 200

The priest is carrying out the funeral

The priest is carrying out the funeral

Resident Vincenzo Luciano told ABC News that he was one of the first to board his boat near Stictarto di Cutro. It describes a scene of darkness, in which a mother calls her children in the darkness by their cries and names.

Luciano said that he immediately turned on his light to the water’s edge, and when he saw bodies washed ashore, he tried to pull people out of the water.

We came and saw this disaster. “The higher the sun rises, the more bodies we can see,” said Lucian. They tried as many as they could from the water, but they all died. I think they are all dead. 

The governor of Calabria, Roberto Octuto, told reporters on Monday that he hoped the death toll would not reach 100.

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