Animal Justice activists stage supermarket egg aisle sit-ins

Animal Justice activists stage supermarket egg aisle sit-ins

Sainsbury’s egg supermarkets in London and Wales were blocked today by demonstrators protesting the treatment of chickens.

Many of the once “free” eggs have been removed for fear of river birds and are now in storage.

There was a time when producers could label their eggs as “free”, but they have since come to be known as “farm eggs”.

Members of Animal Rebellion argue that the eggs are unsafe and producers should place them with food manufacturers.

The midday protest took place at a branch in Sainsbury’s Cromwell Road in west London on Saturday.

Other meetings took place in Bristol and Nottingham.

The group announces in a press release:

They called for a “safer and more sustainable” plant-based diet in the UK free from animal-related disease, animal suffering, air pollution, and widespread food shortages.

“But that applies to millions of chickens and other animals in the UK,” said Daniel Junipros, 27, who took part in one of the protests.

Animal Rebellion stages a sit-in at Sainsbury’s Egg Island store in Clifton.

Animal Rebellion stages a sit-in at Sainsbury's Egg Island store in Clifton.

Activists held a sit-in at Sainsbury’s restaurant in Bristol to promote vegetarianism and against animal husbandry.

About 13 local donors have taken action before DEFRA’s ‘grace period’ for eggs in the UK ends on Monday (27 February). They were holding signs demanding that Britain take control of the food system.

Due to bird flu concerns, many chickens raised for free-range eggs are now raised in barns. Eggs can be marked “free” by fat stewards for 16 weeks.

Note: A 20-year-old man died in a car accident on the Avon River in Bristol.

However, from next Saturday, you will have to call the eggs to the warehouse. Protesters held up banners urging Britain to adopt the food system of Sainsbury’s, a supermarket chain that sells more than half of the food donated to the UK’s RSPCA.

A terrible moment when a dog jumps into the sea in front of screaming tourists

A terrible moment when a dog jumps into the sea in front of screaming tourists

They’re man’s best friend, but sometimes they’re not the smartest in the animal kingdom.

Tourists flock to the Bahamas to jump onto the docks and hang out with the great hammerhead sharks and watch tourists watch a local dog jump into the water.

Tourists can be heard screaming on social media and begging the dog to get back on the boat for four hours.

Like the head of a four-legged dog, the shark is surrounded by hammerheads, but its new sea mate isn’t too impressed.

But the dog is eager to share. “Damn high school,” the crowd chanted.

The incident, which has millions of views on TikTok, happened near a private island in the southern Bahamas in waters known as the Bahamas Swimming Pig, according to the Associated Press. In a separate video, a tourist can be heard asking the crew what the shark was, which he said was “about 12 feet” in size.

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