Asobimo Announces Mobile MMORPG Project AGW Release Date For 2023 | Daily News Byte


Mobile MMORPG developer Asobimo is teasing a new MMORPG launch for 2023, albeit with very little information. All we know is that it goes by the title Project AGW.

A single teaser image on the official website shows a male and female soldier standing face to face with swords as a city burns behind them. The caption read “Fight or Die – The Endless War Begins” and then “Inside the battlefield”.

Does it feature massive PVP combat? Or is it too big? Either way, we hope we won’t have to wait too long to find out, as the game will launch sometime in 2023. For now, you can follow the boss. Twitter for more.

What is Asobimo?

Asobimo is a leading mobile MMORPG publisher and developer whose most popular releases include the popular Toram Online, OG mobile MMORPG Avabel Online, and the latest Eternal Kingdom Battle Peak.

Its games are traditional anime and old-school JRPG-inspired, though in recent years it’s been moving into a more realistic genre. Its latest release, Eternal Kingdom Battle Peak, is similar to Final Fantasy XIV in style.

You can check out Asobimo’s huge collection of mobile games on Google Play right now.

What should I play now?

Asobimo library not floating your boat? Well, lucky for you, we have compiled some of the best Android MMORPGs. We recommend Old School RuneScape (Google Play) as the best option, because it features a metric ton of gameplay, including quests, operations, and PVP.

If that’s too old school for you, the new RuneScape is available on Google Play. There is also Albion Online (Google Play), which offers a different experience without the search.

Although not an MMORPG, Diablo Immortal (Google Play), Genshin Impact (Google Play), and Tower of Fantasy (Google Play) offer a lot of fun and multiplayer to boot. Also, all three are amazing on a good Android phone.


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