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There is no denying that we are fully in the age of SUVs. Every car maker worth their salt is making bigger cars because the market prefers crossovers and SUVs to smaller cars. The Ford Motor Company is one of the biggest names in the auto industry and has naturally diversified its SUV lineup. After all, Ford’s SUVs are some of the most serious and rugged offerings on the market today, as they have been for years. The new-age Ford Bronco, revived after years, is a serious beast to contend with.

The Ford Bronco is one of the most favorite SUVs for off-roading enthusiasts today, thanks to its amazing features and impressive power and performance. There’s also the Bronco’s unique and stunning design, making it a customer magnet. For the 2022 Ford Bronco, there are a variety of options and trims to choose from, and the Sasquatch Package makes every choice even better. A specially designed off-road package for an impressive SUV, here are 8 reasons why you should consider opting for the 2022 Ford Bronco Sasquatch.

8/8 The Sasquatch Package Is Available On All Trims Of The Ford Bronco

The Ford Bronco Sasquatch Package in the snow.
By: Ford

While many manufacturers offer certain packages only for specific trims of their vehicles, Ford does nothing. Fortunately, the Sasquatch Package is available on every single trim of the 2022 Ford Bronco.

2021 Ford Bronco black diamond with sasquatch package available
By: Ford

It was initially only available with a 10-speed automatic transmission, but Ford now offers the Bronco Sasquatch with a 7-speed manual as well. So, this off-road package can be paired with all versions of the Bronco, and all engine options.

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7/8 The Sasquatch Package Adds Unique Exterior Elements To The Ford Bronco

The 2022 Ford Bronco Sasquatch Package is parked off the road.
By: Ford

The Sasquatch package doesn’t just come from off-roading on the 2022 Ford Bronco. Anyone who chooses this package for their Bronco will also get unique exterior design elements for their SUV.

Ford Bronco Sasquatch
by Ford Truck Enthusiasts

These include blacked out wheels and trimmings, giving your Bronco a more rugged, off-road-ready look. The sturdier front bumper, too, announces your arrival visually wherever you ride the Bronco Sasquatch.

6/8 The Ford Bronco Sasquatch Has Ford’s SYNC 4 Technology

The inside of the Ford Bronco Sasquatch Package.
By: Ford

For the 2022 model year, Ford has equipped the Bronco SUV with their SYNC 4 technology. SYNC 4 comes with either a standard 8-inch touchscreen display or an optional 12-inch screen in the center of the dashboard.

Ford SYNC 4
by Ford

Along with the infotainment display, the SYNC 4 system includes a nice heads-up display behind the steering wheel to keep drivers focused, along with additional buttons and knobs for quick air-con adjustments.

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5/8 Ford Bronco Sasquatch Package Adds Entertainment Features To Keep Occupants Busy

2021 Ford Bronco Interior
By: Ford

Inside the Ford Bronco Sasquatch, occupants get plenty of entertainment features to keep them occupied. The Bronco comes with Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, a subscription-based Wi-Fi hotspot, a great audio system, and more.

2022 Ford Bronco
By: Ford

Furthermore, to keep things comfortable, the SUV is equipped with heated and power-adjustable seats in the front row, along with a heated steering wheel and smart and remote access to the vehicle.

4/8 The Sasquatch Ford Bronco Has Huge 35-inch Mud-Terrain Tires

2022 Ford Bronco
By: Ford

When equipped with the Sasquatch Package, the 2022 Ford Bronco rides on some pretty massive 35-inch mud-terrain tires. These wheels are the largest factory wheel size possible on the Bronco and measure 5 inches larger in diameter compared to the base wheels.

Ford Bronco Tire Size
by Ford

The mud-terrain tires ride on 17-inch beadlock-capable wheels, allowing you to add beadlock rings to the Bronco to help secure them even more when driving in extreme environments. Mud-terrain tires definitely improve traction and durability, instilling confidence in drivers while they are in harsh conditions.

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3/8 There’s Some Pretty Heavy-Duty Exterior Equipment On The Ford Bronco Sasquatch

The 2022 Ford Bronco Wildtrak with the Sasquatch package.
By: Ford

The Ford Bronco Sasquatch Package includes skid plates as standard equipment to help protect the underside of the vehicle when driving over rough terrain. The Bronco Sasquatch boasts more off-roading capability than the average SUV.

Jay Leno And Kevin Bacon 2021 Ford Bronco

So, the rugged skid plates do their job of protecting the engine, transfer case, and fuel tank when you step off the tarmac into some testing terrain. The Sasquatch Bronco also has more rugged front and rear bumpers, along with wider flares that allow more travel room for the massive mud-terrain tires.

2/8 Ford Equipped Bronco Sasquatch Is A Great Option For Off-Roading Enthusiasts

Ford Bronco Tires
by Ford

What makes the Sasquatch package the perfect addition to the Ford Bronco for off-roading enthusiasts is the excellent off-roading equipment that comes with it. Not only does Ford offer Dana front and rear electronic axles for superior off-roading poise.

Ford Bronco Off-roading

Additionally, the Bronco Sasquatch also has HOSS-tuned and position-sensitive travel Bilstein dampers. Not only do they improve the SUV’s ground clearance, but they also make it handle and perform better when the going gets tough.

1/8 Ford Bronco Sasquatch Rides Higher Than A Standard SUV For Better Ground Clearance

Ford Bronco Green Front

Regardless of the trim you choose when taking home the 2022 Ford Bronco, the addition of the Sasquatch package will ensure that you get an improved suspension for even more off-road credentials.

Ford Bronco Green

It also adds extra ride height to the SUV, giving you more ground clearance for whenever you go trail-hunting and need to navigate rough terrain. The Sasquatch Package takes the standard 8.8-inch ride height of the 2022 Bronco up to a best ground clearance of 11.5 inches (11.6 inches on the 2-door variant).


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