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of the GTA has inspired every player’s childhood with its exciting and action-packed stories. grand theft auto The games are also the reason that regular players are introduced to the competitive nature of the open world, where one can find a local community.

Over time, the Grand Theft Auto franchise has greatly improved the implementation of realistic game physics and gun mechanics, resulting in an immersive experience. However, Android users cannot enjoy the mesmerizing open-world gameplay of the latest GTA titles. So, read on to see the closest options available on the Google Play Store.

5 best GTAlike game for Android devices (2022)

1) Gangstar New Orleans


The first game on this list is Gameloft’s Gangstar New Orleans, offering one of the largest maps that one can explore on foot or by driving a variety of vehicles. The different missions of the story allow the players to create different weapons and perform different tasks in the city of New Orleans.

One can attack other gangs and defend themselves from attack during gang wars. Players can collect certain items in the game while improving their arsenal. Also, the game allows one to create their own gangster and build a mansion for themselves in the open world.

Users can progress by completing story missions and side missions in Gangstar New Orleans while claiming their own private island with a collection of cars and other tools in it. the game.

2) MadOut2 big city online


Next on the list is MadOut2 Big City Online, a great GTA alternative for Android users. One can look at the main story while completing side tasks to get rewards and collections in the game. At the same time, the multiplayer mode allows you to compete with 200 players at a time.

The world of MadOut2 Big City Online Not limited to players because they can visit different places in the open world. The game offers access to a variety of vehicles with custom functions that can be indoors or outdoors. Also, one can create their desired style after making various choices.

3) Reward 2 – The battle chest


Bonus 2 – The Battle Sandbox perfectly complements the gameplay of the GTA games, offering a wide open world to explore and find many characters. It also offers more than 50 promotional events such as turf wars and racing with rocket cars.

Apart from the story, Payback 2 also allows players to fight with each other through multiplayer games. One can climb the leaderboard after battling online with real opponents. It also features many hourly, daily, and weekly challenges with different events.

4) Gangstar Vegas: World of Crime

Gameloft’s open world action game, Gangstar Vegas: World of Crime, takes a leaf from the Grand Theft Auto saga and offers fans an exciting story. Players can explore Las Vegas to complete missions, get collectibles, race different cars, use guns, and do more.

The world of Gangstar Vegas Players can play with gangsters and mafia cartels while experiencing gang wars. Anyone can overcome challenges in the open world of Gameloft Become a club leader in Las Vegas.

The game has a plethora of criminal missions, while the developers add new activities with new content and seasons. Also, the map of Gangstar Vegas It also features alien battles, waves of vehicles, and zombie attacks.

5) Gangs Town Story


Gangs Town Story It’s the last title on this list as a great choice for a GTA title. Judging by the pictures, Gangs Town Story It seems like a copy of GTA San Andreas with a similar sound and setting for the environment. However, the game has an original story.

One can focus on completing missions to progress, introducing many new features. At the same time, players can go on foot or use cars to explore the vast world of Gangs Town Story.

Note: This list is by no means exhaustive and reflects the personal views of the author.

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