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Merge Mansion belongs to the currently booming genre of puzzle-merging games. With its unique story and interesting performances, the game is at the top of the charts less than a year since its release. In addition to the things mentioned above, the game’s most important advertising games are playing a role in its popularity.

This article contains a list of different games that are popular but will be fun for Merge Mansion fans, they can enjoy them in their free time from the end.

This list is organized in a specific way, as the games are not organized by specific grades. Readers should go through the list and choose the games that appeal most to them on a personal level.

Note: This article reflects the opinion of the author.

Fill the Fridge and other games on Play Store like Merge Mansion (December 2022)

1) Fishing

Fishdom is similar to Merge Mansion, with the main goal of the game being to decorate the houses of some underwater residents who are friends of the game’s protagonist. The integration feature is changed for a matchup format, and players can make plans and creative decisions that can be fun.

The game contains several mini-games, so there is something more for players to explore. It also offers players the “buddy diving” option, where players can connect their Facebook friends and play together, a rare example of this.

2) Fill out the Print Form

Players who are getting pleasure from every neat corner of a place created in Merge Mansion will get from the Fill the Fridge. A puzzle game at its core, the puzzle-based ASMR game of the Jibe Games title is one of the most addictive games available on the Play Store today.

The main goal of the game is to fill the refrigerator with large and different objects. The community of the game is very active, with a lot of opinions of users that are taken into account in new situations.

3) Tourist town

A simple game that can be played anywhere and everywhere, Travel Town is also a cooperative game. The players will meet new characters and complete the various tasks that these characters have arranged in combination and matching to complete the main goal of returning the city of the protagonist.

Contrasting images and beautiful locations add to the experience and adjust the light story.

4) Gardens

Perhaps the only game on this list with a story that players can find as they do in Merge Mansion. Twisting and turning in this puzzle game takes the player through decorating a large garden. A few interesting scenes also add to the game as the story progresses, making it one of the most memorable games of its kind.

It has a sister game called Homescapes, with similar gameplay. Players can take their experience of Gardenscapes and Merge Mansion and check out that game.

5) Home Design Changes


If Merge Mansion’s home improvement features are your favorite part of the game, this is the perfect MM option. The match-3 puzzle game has players transform ordinary buildings into new buildings of their choice. The graphics and design of the game are more realistic than the MM, a complaint that some players have with the latter.

Home Design Makeover has over 1000 puzzles across a variety of games, so it’s a great game to download and keep on your phone while you’re out and about.


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