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1923 star Harrison Ford details his character Jacob Dutton’s connection to Tim McGraw’s James Dutton from the previous Yellowstone prequel series in 1883.

Harrison Ford explains how he 1923 The character is connected to Tim McGraw’s character in the 1883. Ford played Jacob Dutton in the Yellowstone prequel series 1923, the elder brother of the former Yellowstone spinoff 1883James’s opponent (McGraw). While 1883 James and his family recount the grueling search along the Montana land they would eventually call home, 1923 saw Jacob seeking to hold the Dutton homestead, amid many hardships, for the next generation. While Jacob’s exact fate is currently unknown, Yellowstone proving that his efforts paid off in the long run as the Duttons remained on their land for several generations to come.


While talking to ColliderFord addresses the reasons why his character survived and succeeded in carrying on Dutton’s legacy 1923, whereas his brother James did not reach the same point in the previous prequel show. Although James arrives in Montana and begins his new life as a homesteader with his family, he loses his daughter Elsa (Isabel May) as a result of the journey and then dies in 1893 after being shot by robbers. horse Check out Ford’s explanation as well as a breakdown of the fate of James and his wife Margaret (Faith Hill), revealed in 1923, below:

“I can’t conceive of Tim McGraw’s character as having failed. I would say that the circumstances overwhelmed him, but it’s not a flaw of his character. The same Dutton steel is in Jacob that there is in the character played by Tim.”

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The End of James Dutton, Explained

1883 Tim McGraw James Dutton

While 1923 shows that James did not live long enough to truly reap the benefits of what he fought for, Ford’s statement that the character does not necessarily fail in his mission is accurate. James lost a lot on his journey to Montana, but he brought his remaining family members to their destination, died in his home, and was buried on their land, which was a victory in some ways because he finally had a home. for his daughter and later, himself, will be buried. In addition, James’ efforts enabled Jacob to continue building the Dutton empire in 1923 and future generations.

1883 hints that while James manages to get land for his family in the short term, the natives who previously occupied it will rise up and take it back from the Duttons in seven generations, after which James declares “you can have it.” This interaction may indicate that James did not really succeed in his mission to provide a lasting sanctuary for his family due to the inevitable tensions that 1883 establish with the natives whose land he inhabited. However, even James’s actions in 1883 lead to more blood being spilled or the Duttons losing their homes in the present day Yellowstone timeline, James is the reason why the next seven generations of his family had something lost in the first place.

How Jacob Differed from His Brother James

1923 submitted a Yellowstone spinoff

Ford’s comments indicate that his character Jacob and his younger brother James are cut from the same cloth, which is shown to be accurate based on their similar behaviors and priorities in 1923 and 1883. The pair also differ in several important ways, including Jacob’s more gruff and guarded exterior, which can be attributed to his knowledge of what his family went through to reach and settle in the land Jacob now maintains. In just one episode of 1923 for now, it’s likely that subsequent episodes of the spinoff, which airs Sundays on Paramount+, will reveal more differences between Jacob and his late brother.

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