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If you have money this Christmas or you want to upgrade your new Android phone or tablet with cool games, we are here for you. Google Play’s 10 Christmas gifts on premium gamesBelow you will find games that have been given many times and praised by the gaming community, you can get for as little as € 0,49.

we chose Triple A titles made it to mobile phones after winning on consoles for the most indie games in video game history., we have also made sure that the list covers all genres so that you can find a game that you like. Without further ado, check out the 10 best Android games you can buy in the Google Play Christmas Sale.

Dragon Quest Builders, when the best JRPGs in history and Minecraft come together

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Dragon Quest is one of the most famous JRPG sagas. In this section, he offers something completely different from his original: A world made of blocks like minecraft where you can build anything you want, However, he never forgets his roots and has an interesting story and a great villain to defeat. There’s also a real-time battle system if you get tired of building.

In short, it was a great trip will give you many hours of gameplay, Of course, it should be explained that this only works on phones with 4 GB RAM or more and Android 11 or later. you can shop this Christmas with the 40% off just because 18,99 €,

Dragon Quest Builders

Bridge Constructor Portal, a bridge building game based on the classic Portal

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Valve’s classic puzzle game meets classic bridge building game Bridge Constructor in this unique but fun combination. In Bridge Constructor Portal you should Build bridges, ramps, slides and more in 60 rooms testing That’s what tests your talent. Your goal is to reach the finish line safely through your actions for benders.

so Great game to pass the time And welcome the moments of free time you have. By the way, it is compatible with the editors. But the best part is the price 0,99 € This Christmas (regularly €4.99).

The Portal Constructor Bridge

Climb aboard Alien Isolation, Sevastopol, and prepare to face the most dangerous aliens in history.

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Alien Isolation is an awesome tool. The horror game inspired by the 80s movie (Alien: The Eighth Passenger), after its glorious journey through consoles and PC. Available on Android with amazing graphics and fully optimized for mobile With Android 10 or later. In this game, you will take on the role of Amanda Ripley, who embarks on a mission to find out what happened to her mother when she did not return from a space mission.

You will investigate the Sevastopol station to solve the mystery, but soon you will feel that something terrible is waiting for you, Do not expect a lot of work, this is a dangerous thing to live a very important thing in times of chaos. You have to use your lifestyle to survive. It costs €14.99, but it’s available now 8,99 €,

Alien: Alien

Dead Road in Canada is a Roguelike action RPG

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Are you looking for a game with a lot of action that makes it a blaster? Dead Road to Canada will make you happy. It’s a roguelike game where you need to Travel from Florida to Canada on the road, but there are endless waves of zombies to stop you from doing itEverything is created in the game: zombies, weapons, events, recruits, abilities, etc. Thanks to this, each game is completely different.

By the way, it supports drivers and can be played on Android TV. now the price 4,59 €Representing a saving of just over 50% compared to the original price of €10.

Dead Road To Canada

LIMBO, a mini game with beautiful black and white graphics

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LIMBO has gone down in history as one of the most important indie games. Its small form, its black and white photography with detailed details and its enigmatic story have made it iconic. It is a linear puzzle game that lasts about 4-5 hours and I recommend everyone to play it once in their life. It’s very interesting. And you have no reason not to, because this Christmas is just right 0,49 € (before € 4).


Getting Over It is a climbing game that will test your patience

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We warn you in advance that elimination is a serious video game. The boss is tough and won’t forgive you for mistakes. related to sports Overcome different obstacles with only the hammer to climb, turn, jump and move forward, It’s very difficult to win this game, but once you do it, it’s more fun to think that you can do anything in this life. these lessons are useful 2,29 € (more than €5).


A spear throwing game with Lichtspear, powers, attacks and more

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Lichtspäte is a game of javelin throwing, not just javelin throwing. you will use a A magical spear with ten different abilities to fight 6 different bosses over 60 levels Full of enemies and challenges to overcome. You will fight Viking penguins, zombie fighters and giant ice hipsters in a dystopian 80s future. It costs only €1.09 (that’s €4).


Wayward Souls, an action and adventure game perfect for quick games

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If you like roguelikes, Wayward Souls is for you. A work-argument building crawler in randomly generated levels. There are thirteen different types of terrain to explore, and each game gives you special skills and equipment. There are a total of six characters you can use to fight monsters. While protecting your enemies. costs 3,49 € (previously €6.99).

Free Spirits

Trials of Mana is a JRPG with an original soundtrack and story

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Trials of Mana is a JRPG 3D graphics, an interesting story and an interesting fighting system, What more can you ask? At the beginning, you have to choose between three words from the list and create a combination. The story will change depending on what you choose. In any case, your goal is to eliminate the Benevodons from ruling the world.

you can have it this Christmas 14,99 €, 50% off!

Thought Test

Absolute Drift, test your drifting skills

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Absolute Drift is a simple drifting game. That’s right, it’s your only job in this game Take control of a small car and win different cars with clear pockets without skipping, It offers three different game modes, 6 car types, 34 levels, 5 night events, and 5 free places to practice. And best of all, this Christmas is very little: alone 1,09 €,

Completely Deleted

We hope you use these Christmas sales to buy a premium Android game of your choice.


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