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Authorities have advised commuters to avoid traveling on Saturdays unless absolutely necessary as rail workers in the UK are likely to continue their strike over pay. A Christmas Eve strike by rail workers across the UK over pay is expected to have a significant impact on services.

Trains will stop running at around 15:00 before railway workers go on strike at 18:00. Along with railway employees, postal employees and Border Force personnel will also participate in the strike.

Border Force staff will strike until the end of the year but December 27 will be an exception. However, staff will join a warning strike if talks on new pay deals are not initiated.

Unlike Border Force staff, railway employees will join the industrial action till 6:00 on December 27. Network Rail, the company that operates UK railways, said that rail services would be significantly reduced in the run-up to Christmas.

Long-distance trains will depart significantly earlier, with some rail operators unable to operate at all. The last train from Leeds to London is at 09:45, London to Edinburgh at 11:22 and London to Manchester at 12:48.

Nurses, trains and Royal Mail: every strike planned in the UK leading up to Christmas

Nurses, trains and Royal Mail: every strike planned in the UK leading up to Christmas

Network Rail published a statement advising passengers to travel only if necessary. The train strike is likely to increase traffic on the highway at an already congested time of the year. As the cost of living increases, railway employees are demanding a pay hike. Inflation, or the rate at which prices rise, is running at about 11%, near a 40-year high.

Some additional strikes are taking place in the United Kingdom. Royal Mail postal workers will also go on strike over pay. National Highway Traffic Officers and London Bus Drivers will be on nationwide strike.

Apart from that, ambulance drivers, nurses and driving examiners are all set to go on strike at various times during the holiday season and in the New Year.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. What was the reason for this strike?
    The strike was caused by the sad state of the UK economy.
  2. How long will this strike continue?
    The strike will continue until negotiations on a pay deal begin.

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