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OSLO, Norway (December 22, 2022) – TGS, a global provider of energy data and intelligence, and CGG, a global technology and HPC leader, have been jointly awarded the acquisition and acquisition of a multi-client seismic survey on the dense ocean floor (OBN) in the Sleipner area of ​​Norway continental shelf (NCS).

The Sleipner OBN survey, located directly south of Utsira OBN in the North Sea, will cover an additional 1,201 square kilometers of area under receivers (AUR) to increase continuous multi-client OBN coverage in the region to 3,278 square kilometers of AUR. The exploration area covers a mature part of the North Sea that includes the Sleipner East, Sleipner West, Gina Krog, Volve and Utgard fields, as well as surrounding infrastructure-led exploration (ILKS) areas for potential tie-ups with existing infrastructure. The current production hubs in this area enable the rapid transportation of produced hydrocarbons, including significant quantities of gas, to the European market.

TGS will be the operator throughout the acquisition phase. The company will apply its experience and technical expertise in managing many complex OBN acquisition programs in the North Sea and other regions to provide valuable insight into enhanced exploration opportunities in this part of the NCS

CGG, an OBN imaging specialist, will apply its proprietary OBN processing and imaging technology, including time-delayed full-waveform inversion, to create a high-quality 3D volume that will improve the resolution and structural definition of the region’s complex geology and reservoirs.

Kristian Johansen, Chief Executive Officer at TGS, commented: “TGS remains committed to providing the industry with world-class multi-client OBN surveys. We are leading the way in supporting exploration and production companies as they seek to maximize resources in regions with strong ILX activity, including those with gas-derived exploration opportunities.”

Sophie Zurkuiiah, Chief Executive Officer at CGG, said: “CGG has an unrivaled track record of successfully delivering OBN seismic imaging projects around the world, particularly in the North Sea. Our geoscientists will apply their regional insight and our latest OBN technologies and expertise to deliver the highest quality imagery to meet industry needs for continued NCS research and development.

Procurement will begin in June 2023, and final processed products will be completed by the end of the third quarter of 2024.

The project is supported by industry financial resources.

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