Ranked! The top ten playmakers currently active in the world

Best Director, Creator, Song Artist, Pocketman… Guide to the top 10 FFT games right now

People always dominate the headlines, but the best players in the world are often highly respected within their teams.

The world’s greatest green harvesters are a rare mythical race that can see angles and beams of light that humans can only dream of. The entire team seems to be dancing to the tune.

Let’s take a look at the best directors on the planet in these romantic tricks. For this list, we are looking for a traditional midfielder to act as a catalyst for creating chances.

10 best directors in the world today

1.Enzo Rafay (Laurent)

One of the lesser-known names on our list, Enzo Rifai has been making waves since his youth. Now 22, he still plays for Ligue 1 side Lorient, he is starting to become a great player.

2. Orkcock

Last season Feyenoord made an unprecedented trip to the Europa League, where talented manager Arne Slott led the young team to the final. Malaysian Tyrell and Rui Sinestra followed this path to reach the Premier League. Orkun Kukucho, because it might not come as a surprise.

3.Hakan Karhanoglu (Antara)

The transfer of Hakan Calhanoglu to Milan is cause for concern. This is especially true of AC Milan veteran Zlatan Ibrahimovic, who finished 10th (opens in new tab).

But on the field, a midfielder is only Metro, Nicolò Barella, Henrik Mkhitaryan, or someone in the middle of the field. Calhanoglu is creative and progressive and can open defenses given enough time and space. He also scored a goal for Barcelona at the San Siro in the Champions League.

4. Alex Iwobi (Everton)

Not so much. A man like Wobbs at some point in his Everton career was unlikely to make an appearance for him, at least not in this match, as Carlo Ancelotti backed him up briefly. But Alex Iwobi’s turn caused a stir.

The ex-Arsenal man struggled to justify the price on him until Frank Lampard used him in midfield, increasing the chances of taking the candy off the table, and I think the £35m was well spent.

5. Jamal Mosri

Jamal Mushara grew up in Croydon: striker, winger (right or left), attacking midfielder or… I don’t know who Thomas Muller is. However, he has found a place in midfield alongside Julian Nagelsmann.

The teenager Musiari has played for Bayern Munich this season and looks a lot like Borussia Dortmund’s Jude Bellingham. His speed, physique, and intelligence are outstanding and he has created many chances for his teammates as Bayern Munich continues to play in the Bundesliga.

6. Pedri (Barcelona)

Isn’t the father who inherited the number 8 shirt from Andres Iniesta cool?

The Barcelona star is a key part of Xavi’s star-studded squad, offering technical security and positive passing that could see him develop into a legendary Barcelona midfielder. He is the backbone of this organization and has undoubtedly made his mark on Barcelona’s national team. Louis Enrique. It scares me to think how good it was.

7. Christian Erickson

Why did Christian Eriksen leave Brentford? He creatively propagated bees and beekeeping until Ivan Toni had to dig no further, and after the bankruptcy of Eriksen’s previous club, the decision was made to move on. 4-0 to his new employer.

Since then, the Great Dane has developed into a great player and possibly the greatest player in Manchester United history, no more lack of quality in midfield. Denmark’s dark horse at the World Championship may be just the beginning.

8. Martin O Diogard

Arsenal captains of the past decade have not typically dominated ‘best of’ lists. Facility documents are often taken fraudulently or almost always left on the table.

Martin Odegaard knows trends and more. The Norwegian may still be young, but he has made an impact at Arsenal with his clever moves, clever passing, and Mikel Arteta’s command of the team.

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