PM Modi ‘very happy’ as no one opposed President murmu’s address,

Shashi Tharoor called the president’s parliamentary speech “the Modi government’s election speech”.

Shashi Talwar’s comments on the president’s speech are his first in parliament since his election next July and minister Nirmala Sitharaman ahead of tomorrow’s budget presentation.

MP Shashi Tharoor on Tuesday criticized President Draupadi Murma’s joint parliamentary speech, calling it an “election speech” as BJP Prime Minister Narendra Modi seeks a third term in office. Power Rise 2024. Talwar’s comments on Murom’s speech are the first since he was elected to parliament last July, ahead of economist Nirmala Sitharaman’s economic board tomorrow.

Even if the president is not running for office, the BJP government looks like it will pursue its next campaign through him. The whole speech is military, praising everything the government does, and ignoring the errors it does.

In his speech, President Murom praised the government’s “progressive” efforts to repeal Article 370, the “suppression” of terrorism in Jammu and Kashmir, the repeal of the controversial triple talaq, and the defense sector to boost exports.

The president also commented on the way the government is working on access to civil services, praising issues such as the renaming of Jalan Rajpath Delhi (now Jalan Kartavia) and the leadership of the selected G-20 group.

PM Narendra Modi obstructs the opposition, and Adhir Ranjan Chaudhary is safe in the Lok Sabha seat.

PM Narendra Modi obstructs the opposition, and Adhir Ranjan Chaudhary is safe in the Lok Sabha seat.

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s response to the 100-minute controversy surrounding the acceptance of the President’s speech was peppered with opposition leaders Adhir Ranjan Chaudhary and Sugata Rowe.

Modi did not name Congress leader Rahul Gandhi, but the speech mainly focused on criticizing MPs who are “against” his government’s policies like “Make in India” and “Fit India” and the country’s response to him for ignoring Covid. . -1

The way you talk and the way you ask questions seem like you have decided not to go back to the government for 100 years. “If you decide for 100 years, I am ready.”

The prime minister said the government’s response to the criticism of parliament for the pandemic was surprising.

When Chaudhary, the Congress leader in the Lok Sabha, tried to interrupt Modi several times, the prime minister convinced him to return to his post.

“You have improved the secret relationship. Those who have observed your work. No one will dare to remove it in this meeting. I am sure,” said Modi.

The Prime Minister also criticized Roy, a Trinamool member from Dum Dum in West Bengal, when Speaker Om Birla asked him not to speak until it was his time to speak.

We must remove the mother from him. This year, try to make the boy happy,” Modi said, referring to the 74-year-old Roy.

Prime Minister Roy also agreed to give in and talk, but the Trinamool leader still loved him.

Modi also mocked Gandhi’s absence from the Lok Sabha saying, “Some run away after his speech, while others attack him.”

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