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From smart cars to smart manufacturing to smart cities, the future will be shaped by ubiquitous microchips connected by wireless networks. And 5G is just the beginning. The innovation promises to usher in the fast, low-latency wireless infrastructure necessary to build a “smart” future. And open source is increasingly seen as a means to help developers expand to 5G use cases and applications. The benefits of open source and 5G together will only be realized over time if companies commit to using them fully within the next 5 years.

To discuss and share valuable insights, Shaleel Gupta, CBO, Mosaic Digital, HT Media Company, had an invigorating discussion with Anish Shah, President and CEO, Reliance Jio Platforms, and Abhishek Shukla, Director, Telco Red Hat India/SA. This insightful discussion on Open Source + 5G: The Perfect Power Couple, powered by Red Hat in collaboration with TechCircle and Mint, highlights how open source together with 5G is driving India’s future. And what potential benefits companies can derive from integrating both into their models.

The interview was a body of knowledge about how 5G technology will become an industry standard, enabling new levels and areas of connectivity. Anish Shah quoted, “5G is not just a technology, it is an ecosystem.

The use and adoption of this approaching technology is attributed to the powerful combination of open source and cloud technologies. Adding further, Anish reiterated, “In order to balance compute and cost, low latency and cost… it is necessary to open up different domain technologies that integrate with the network. And if the network is closed, there is no way I can integrate it. It needs to be connected. It should connect. And that’s where I believe open source plays a very important role.”

Underlining the three pillars of the entire 5G transformation journey, Abhishek Shukla mentioned: 1. Enterprises: must be open, receptive and ready for investment. 2. Operators: they need to start thinking like a developer organization rather than a service provider 3. Ecosystems: all players need to work together as a team to make the 5G transformation a reality.

Summarizing the discussion, Shalil Gupta said, “The principle of O to C (Direct to Consumer Organizations) is emerging. If any architecture is developed on this principle, it is there for success. And everyone else will play a technology integration role in this ecosystem.”

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