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10 Must Have Android Games on Your Phone ~ My Mobile India

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Although online games are very popular, offline games are just as fun as they can be played without an internet connection. Although online games are very popular like Casino Casumo to the UKcan be played externally by first downloading and then installing it on your pc.

Offline Android games are a dime a dozen that can be played for hours without getting tired, it has become a popular pastime for many users during the peak of lockdown due to Covid-19 where many of them played these games.

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Important things

  • Offline Android games have been very popular for years, which only grew during the lockdown.
  • The likes of Ludo King, My Talking Tom, Candy Crush Sagahave become household names where every family plays in their spare time.
  • Then there are the similarities car games, Archer, Sniper 3D Shooter which requires planning skills to clear the good stuff to keep your mind sharp and alert.

10 Best Offline Android Games

There was a time when we had video games and comic books to pass the time as we grew up. 80s, 90sa 2000s it can prove to be a golden medium for them providing tons of nostalgia when they go down memory lane.

Now with so many Android phones and tablets at our disposal, small board games like Ludo and Chess have become a thing of the past, especially for the millennial generation due to devices, we can download as many games as we want.

Android games

Here are 10 of the best Android games that you can play outside while you are on a long drive or train or flight because you can pass the time around the trip with the fear of fatigue.

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We will start with the most popular because everyone has heard about the mobile games about Candy Crush Saga where you have to match three clothes of the same color to clear a space , then you can open the next level when the section is finished. wipe out.

It is a great choice for offline games, you can play alone while traveling on a long journey, it has good graphics and animation, and daily rewards for upgrading. in your pantry.

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If you’re traveling for a long time, Ludo is the best option to go for those with a knowledge of snakes and ladders, a classic game that continues to be popular with people of all ages.

There is nothing more fun than defeating your opponents and sending them stacking or matching colors to make the game more difficult, it can be played on offline mode where you can use pass mode or connect your devices to play. Bluetooth.

A racing game where Physics plays where Newton Bill is an uphill racer and you have to help him go on new and dangerous roads, while there are simulations galore from Ragnarok to the Artic, which will follow The entire game must obey the laws of physics. .

You have to collect coins, upgrade your car, and get bonuses with tricks like midway flips and stunts, while you have to change tires and wheels to avoid them. accidents, while at the same time making sure you don’t run out of gas.

Another game that people of all ages can enjoy is that people see Tom the cat in a cute and cute game where you want to feed, clean, and take care of them and Health is a personal business that you run on your own. themselves such as getting money to buy food.

You can find features such as free videos that allow you to win freebies such as diamonds and potions, which require real money to buy. There is a new update where Tom gets a plane and free tickets to travel around the world.

Carrom is a challenging game because the player requires a good knowledge of Physics and Mathematics, which allows you to play the game in online and offline mode, although it is possible to single player can play on different sides through multiplayer option. .

The goal is to collect all the strykers and get all the colored pieces in front of your opponent, it’s fun to try because those who play carrom know it as a game in management here.

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This is a game where one person can play at a time because it involves using reflexes and thinking where you want to save the children from the oncoming train while having an angry police chase.

You have to jump from the tracks to the top of many trains, collect coins, avoid belts and get caught, this is something that gives players a rush of adrenaline, It is very good for maintaining reflexes.

This is a game where you can relax and have fun as much as you want because the goal here is to just point the nozzle at the bubbles and match the colors where a three color game clears to the section until the next step is opened.

Although the first level is easy, it becomes difficult to manage things as the levels increase as the speed of the bubbles increases, where you have to clear the board before the breaking of the gun.

This is a game that needs no introduction because it is one of the oldest strategy games in the world where you will be stuck until the end, which can be many, hours, where you will stay with the eye poker though. planning and strategizing how to defeat your opponent’s army and manipulate it.

The moves of the pieces are the same as in a regular chess game but there are two special moves added, one of which is Castling, a double move where the king and the unmoved rook alternate.

Another move is called En passant where a pawn can take a pawn below its place. All in all, one of the best strategy games that can keep the best players awake and on tenterhooks until the end, can be left to continue later because it is impossible the game continues for 15 to 20 minutes.

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This is a game that calls players with excellent shooting skills or those who want to improve and develop them to bring down the bad guys because Sniper 3D is a profession that everyone will swear by. with a preference for shooting games where your task is to find the target. , shoot, attack, and shoot, while saving yourself at the same time.

This game has realistic graphics, great levels and upgrades that are sure to keep you on your tenterhooks while you crack the code and find the killer.

Temple Run was a huge success, that’s why the creators expanded and started Temple Run 2, and it became an even better success because it deals with issues like successfully managing the dangers and traps of the ice land to reach the safety of the outer walls, including stolen property.

There are many supervillains like demons that you need to solve in this dangerous journey and a great business that will test your thinking and reflexes as you jump the cliffs and run along the side of the Many walls to collect money and powers.

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