Most G20 nations condemn Russia for war, China silent

Most G20 nations condemn Russia for war, China silent

Leaders of the world’s largest economy have strongly criticized Moscow for its war on Ukraine, but China and Russia have refused to sign the joint declaration.

India, which is hosting the G20 summit in Bangalore, has refused to rule out the possibility of war but insists the West cannot support any outcome.

The lack of agreement among G20 members forced India to release a “Chairman’s Summary and Outcome Paper” summarizing the two days of talks and listing the differences.

He cited supply chain disruptions, threats to financial stability, energy, and food security. suspicion

Referring to the measures taken by the United States, European countries, and other countries to retaliate against Russia for its aggressive and demanding Russian taxation, he expressed mixed views and opinions on the situation and the sanctions.

A similar event took place at the G20 summit in Bali last November, where the Indonesian host issued a final statement acknowledging the differences.

The G20, founded more than 20 years ago to fight the economic crisis, is trying to end the agreement it needs more than ever.

German Finance Minister Christian Lindner said it was “disappointing” that China refused to join the statement.

US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen told Reuters that speaking out against Russia was “essential”.

Most of the G20 countries accuses Russia of aggression against Ukraine, but China is silent

Most of the G20 countries accuses Russia of aggression against Ukraine, but China is silent

19:30: EU imposes sanctions on Wagner’s ‘rape of Africa’

Eight individuals and seven entities linked to paramilitary groups are under Axis control and have been subject to a travel ban, The European Union has approved the Wagner Group, which is waging an active war with Russia in Ukraine in 2021.

17:51: Zinchenko appointed director of the shipyard in honor of Ukraine

Oleksandr Zinchenko has been appointed Premier League captain for Arsenal, who travel to Leicester on Saturday to mark the centenary of the war in Ukraine, The Ukrainian national team replaced Martin Audegaard as the Gunners’ permanent captain at the King Power Stadium and wore the Ukrainian flag, Arsenal tweeted: “Today Zinchenko wore the captain’s armband out of respect and love for the 100th anniversary of the war in Ukraine.

5:40 p.m.: Prigogine claims that Wagner’s fighters are occupying a village north of Bahmut.

Russian mercenary commander Evgeny Prigozhin said on Saturday that fighters from his Wagner Group had captured the village of Yakhidnoye north of Bakhmut in eastern Ukraine.

Gaul 24 was unable to independently confirm the statements made by Prigogine in a brief voice message.

16:18: Thousands of people demonstrate in Berlin against the transport of arms to Ukraine

Demonstrations against Ukraine’s supply of arms due to war with Russia drew 10,000 people on Saturday, prompting criticism from German authorities and large numbers of police to maintain order.

The party, organized by a prominent left-wing German politician, took place the day after the anniversary of Russia’s occupation of Ukraine. The Western Allies report promises more weapons, new sanctions against Russia, and aid to Kyiv. Gloves.

15:05: Hungary announces new delay in NATO recognition of Finland and Sweden

Hungarian leader Viktor Orban said on Saturday that Finland’s and Budapest’s ratification of Sweden’s plans to join NATO would be delayed further as the vote would not take place until the end of March.

Last year, Sweden and Finland signed the Transatlantic Defense Treaty following Russia’s attack on Ukraine. But all 30 NATO member states must support Sweden’s demands and oppose the detention of members of the Turkish terrorist organization.

With Hungary’s ratification process pending in parliament since July, Prime Minister Orban on Friday first expressed concern about Sweden and Finland’s NATO membership, accusing them of spreading “lies” about the health of their governments.

2:24 p.m.: Russia has cut oil supplies to Poland via pipeline, says Polish company

Polish energy group PKN Orlen announced on Saturday that Russia had cut oil supplies through the Druzhba pipeline. This covers about 10% of Orleans’ needs.

“Supply from Russia to Poland through the Druzhba pipeline has been stopped,” the Polish company said in a statement to AFP.

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