Pakistani army does not even have money for, vehicles with weapons removed from National Day parade

Islamabad is. Industry sources told Defense News that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine did not pose a problem with support in Pakistan, even though Ukraine has been buying large quantities of military equipment since the 1990s.

The largest defense contract between Pakistan and Ukraine is the supply of 320 T-80UD/Ob’yekt 478BEh tanks made by the Kharkiv Mechanical Engineering Design Bureau (KMDB). According to the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute, the lake was ordered in 1996 and handed over between 1999 and 1997.

The Ukrainian plant named after Malyshev also supplied the 6TD-2 power plant with a capacity of 1200 hp. For the “Al-Khalid” series of tanks in the Malyshev 6TD tank with 1000hp power in the T-80UD. Like the Kharkiv Mechanical Engineering Design Bureau, Malyshev is based in Kharkiv, a city under heavy Russian aggression.

The International Strategic Research Institute has more than 600 Al-Khalid and Al-Khalid I main battle tanks operated by state armored vehicle manufacturer Pakistan Heavy Industries Taxila (HIT). Thus, the destruction of the two Kharkiv plants will import 1/3 to 1/2 of Pakistan’s total oil reserves.

But an industry source familiar with the ongoing HIT program told Defense News that Pakistan is replacing its Ukrainian team ahead of a major Russian offensive that began on February 24.

He, who declined to be named for security reasons, said the long-term logistical issues remained with Pakistan.

The main reason was the lack of active production of the 6TD and 6TD-2 power units in Malyshev. He complied with the request, but the contract price went up.

In addition, the engine is a multi-fuel diesel and operates on any fuel, but runs best on a refined oil level available only in Ukraine.

Azmol was originally produced at the Gallol factory in Drohobych in western Ukraine but now supplies what is known as “Gallol Oil” in Pakistan.

The Pakistani military is as corrupt as politicians say

The Pakistani military is as corrupt as politicians say

Momentum and support are part of the Pakistani political fabric, but the military option is not the best.

Pakistan is going through a serious political and economic crisis. Despite the change of government in April this year and the resignation of Prime Minister Imran Khan, confidence in the economy has not improved. Sri Lanka’s neighbors are slightly better off, but not all. Because the leaders of both countries acted with the same haste and the same insight.

Khan’s ouster is the latest in a long saga of Pakistani military interference in its politics, which could spark a new wave of instability in Pakistan.

Fight with Imran Khan

Since his ouster, Khan’s supporters have sparked a political upheaval that appears to be taking shape with military leaders and a nascent coalition government.) The move in Punjab, the country’s most popular province, where more than half of Pakistanis live, won the election. . .

It comes amid inflation, a looming trade deficit, current account deficits, and difficulties negotiating Pakistan’s new government with the International Monetary Fund (IMF), which hit a historic low in mid-July. . Agreement concluded. Islamabad forced the International Monetary Fund to withdraw aid and raise oil and energy prices, causing inflation to rise and increasing the economic vulnerability of the country’s people. Khan’s Tehreek-e-Insaf party has exploited popular discontent over the Punjab elections.

Fight with Imran Khan

Food inflation in Pakistan exceeded 15% today. Today’s heat wave makes you forget that distrust of food has increased during the four years of the ITP administration. Currently, corn, sugar, and cotton continue to be imported into the country. This is not due to crop failure, but to abuse and increased smuggling.

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